Zodiac Stones: Crystals for Scorpio | Nature's Treasures

Zodiac Stones: Crystals for Scorpio

All signs have their challenging points, and Scorpio is no exception. Scorpios feel everything quite deeply and can have intense emotional responses. They are prone to becoming jealous, possessive, and resentful. When they don’t get what they want and feel entitled to, they can get vengeful, and the stinger comes out.

They will go out of their way to hide their vulnerability with a tough exterior. Scorpios often have trust issues, which is why they keep people at arm’s length and are so secretive and private.

Working with the right crystals can smooth out Scorpio’s rough edges, while enhancing the positive traits. Here are the most highly recommended crystals for Scorpios.

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Zodiac Stones: Crystals for Libra | Nature's Treasures

Zodiac Stones: Crystals for Libra

As with all signs, there are some less desirable Libra personality traits. Libras prefer to avoid confrontations and conflict when possible. They want to be liked and to keep the peace at all costs, which sometimes causes them to fall into people-pleasing behaviors. This can result in them losing their sense of self or becoming resentful. 

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