Lepidolite Meaning and Healing Properties

by Adrienne Goff July 23, 2019 0 Comments

Lepidolite Meaning and Healing Properties

Lepidolite is a rose or lilac colored stone that belongs to the mica group, a secondary source of lithium. Associated with minerals such as Quartz, Feldspar, Tourmalineand Topaz,  Lepidoliteoccurs in granite pegmatites. Lepidolite can be found in Brazil, Russia, United States, Canada, and Madagascar. Often growing in scale-like plates, Lepidolite possesses a pearly luster and often appears translucent. Lepidolite can be found in Brazil, Russia, United States, Canada, and Madagascar.

The energy of Lepidoliteis refreshing and almost sentimental; it assists in the transformation of the energies of universal light, hope, and acceptance.  It can also induce the attribute of self-love, bringing a childlike love and acceptance to the user, while allowing for the aspect of trust to flourish. It is recognized as a “stone of transition”, helping one through situations of variability in this life and assisting in the restructuring and reorganization of old patterns.

Lepidolite can enhance and promote the generation of the life-sustaining ions in one’s environment, activating the instinct of self-preservation and enhancing the awareness of well-being. It reinforces good habits and sobriety while diminishing negative energy and fears. Lepidolite soothes and relieves stress and anxiety. It brings objectivity to your life and encourages breaking free from dependency.

Healthwise, Lepidolite can strengthen the immune system, relieve allergies, and protect against electromagnetic radiation from technology. It has also been said to heal the glands, promote enzyme balance, stress and anxiety relief, PTSD, manic depression, pregnancy, childbirth and general healing.

Self-Love, Hope, Acceptance, Well-Being, Structure

Hardness: 2.5 to 3.5
Chemical Composition: K(Li,Al)3(Al,Si,Rb)4O10(F,OH)2
Crystal System: Monoclinic
Color: Pink to Purple, Yellow to Brown, Grey, Blue-Grey, Violet, Lavender, Violet-Pink, Colourless and White
Localities: Worldwide - Most notable, Brazil, Ural Mountains, Russia, USA, Canada, Madagascar

Chakra Alignment: Heart and Crown
Numeric Vibration: Number 8
Astrological Association: Libra

Lepidolite’s cleansing properties make it an ideal stone for the center of your home. It promotes healthier habits and repels negative energy from your environment.

Adrienne Goff
Adrienne Goff

Adrienne Goff is a celebrated author, healer, and teacher with over fifteen years of experience as a crystal energy expert. For seven years, she has been a featured healer and speaker at the Earth- Keeper conferences hosted by James Tyberonn (www.earth-keeper.com). Adrienne has also been interviewed on the popular radio shows, Healing Conversations by Lauren Galey, The Cosmic Awakening Show by Michelle Walling, and others. She has written two books and a library of free articles that comprehensively cover the mineral kingdom, available at adriennegoff.com. You can also find her informative crystal healing articles on major metaphysical websites such as in5d.com, lovehaswon.org, and theeventchronicle.com--and on the popular youtube channel, Higher Self.

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