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If you suffer from allergies, you must read this post!

by Adrienne Goff February 18, 2019 0 Comments

If you suffer from allergies, you must read this post!

Growing up I never experienced problems with allergies. It wasn’t until I moved to Austin and lived here for 5 whole years that my body decided it was going to have severe allergy problems come the season, if that’s what we are even calling it now a days because allergies are year round here. I did everything I could think of to help alleviate the terrible symptoms of itchy eyes, drainage in the throat, and constant sneezing accompanied by sinus pressure. But to be honest, there is only so much Benadryl one can take before their eyes physically shut and they're falling asleep at their work desk.

I decided this wasn’t the way to go about this; over the counter allergy medicine was not going to be what gets me through each season, I mean, the season. Sure it helps, some medicines more than others, but it became unrealistic for me to rely on Zyrtec and Sudafed as my only go-to allergy cure. I started doing some research on natural allergy remedies. Tons of doctors suggested steam showers, which I started taking every single night to clear out my sinuses and wash away the pressure. But it wasn’t enough. The steam alone would help some, but something was missing.

When I began working at Crystals By Nature, I was given the chance to make a run with my manager to the Evolution Salt Co warehouse, where they hold and store most of their inventory. I didn't even know something like this existed: a warehouse full of healing “salt products”, from soap bars to salt scrubs, lamps to inhalers. There were more salt products I had ever seen or heard of in my life. They fulfilled a huge order we had placed, we drove it back to our store, and began restocking our inventory. While unloading, my boss looked at me and said, “You have bad allergies right? Try this, it will do wonders for you.” He handed me a jar of Bath Salts, Eucalyptus Bath Salts to be exact. I had never used Bath Salts (as I very rarely take baths, I prefer long showers), but was desperate and suffering enough to the point that I would try anything. That night, I found an actual remedy for my allergy symptoms. I’ve gone through five jars since then. That trip was made was in September.

Evolution Salt Co’s Himalayan Pink Bath Salt ‘Eucalyptus’ is the perfect partner to any bath or even shower when you are suffering from allergies. The soothing scent and healing properties of Eucalyptus help clear your nasal passages and throat, allowing you to feel like you can breathe for the very first time. The cooling touch that envelops not only your sinuses but the entire body is truly healing, a complete release of pressure, and will have you feeling like a new human being when you step out of the tub or shower. Sprinkle half a cup into a tub filled with warm water, or be a bit unconventional like me and sprinkle them in the corners of your shower before you get in, and let the hot water release the amazingly releasing therapeutic healing properties of the infused Eucalyptus Oil.

I warn you though, after you do this once you may find yourself buying multiple jars of these bath salts, as well as all the other wonderful products Evolution Salt Co has to offer. If you have allergies, this product is a MUST. If you don’t have allergies, this product will make bath time that much more enjoyable! Crystals By Nature features a selective variety of Evolution Salt Co’s products online, at If your in need of some salty healing, these products are calling your name.


Adrienne Goff
Adrienne Goff

Adrienne Goff is a celebrated author, healer, and teacher with over fifteen years of experience as a crystal energy expert. For seven years, she has been a featured healer and speaker at the Earth- Keeper conferences hosted by James Tyberonn ( Adrienne has also been interviewed on the popular radio shows, Healing Conversations by Lauren Galey, The Cosmic Awakening Show by Michelle Walling, and others. She has written two books and a library of free articles that comprehensively cover the mineral kingdom, available at You can also find her informative crystal healing articles on major metaphysical websites such as,, and on the popular youtube channel, Higher Self.

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