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Best Crystals for New Beginnings, Changes & Transitions

Best Crystals for New Beginnings, Changes & Transitions

A fresh new year is often thought of as the best time for new beginnings. Change, new beginnings, new jobs, new relationships, new ideas, new health and fitness goals and other equally important “news” are all so important, but often difficult to attain or transition to. As we close the book on the old year, we look forward to creating something new and exciting for the new year. One way to do this is by enlisting our Crystal Allies! 

Here are my top 14 crystals (listed alphabetically) to help with change and transitions. You don’t need all of them. Remember, this is your change and your intuition will let you know what you need.


Tumbled Amazonite Jumbo Sized

Amazonite is a stone of Hope, Success and Abundance. This stone is one that really likes action. It encourages you to speak your truth and gives you the courage to act upon it. It’s blue green color is soothing and peaceful as well. Amazonite is associated with both the heart and throat chakra.


Apophyllite Points

Apophyllite helps you to make changes and encourages you to take better care of yourself. It is a crown chakra crystal that helps to open yourself to reach a higher spiritual realm. This transparent to translucent stone enhances your intuition and opens you to see past mistakes so you can rectify them.


Chrysocolla Gemstone Chip Necklace

Chrysocolla is a heart and throat chakra stone that is known as a stone of truth and of empowerment. It is a stone of teaching and wisdom. It has soothing, calming qualities that promotes peace yet allows us to speak our truth and wisdom in a manner that is beneficial. It also encourages forgiveness (for ourselves and others) and compassion. It’s color is green blue to turquoise and has copper running through it. This combination can stimulate your analytical reasoning and intuition. This stone will help you abandon negative habits and move forward to planting the seed of what you are seeking.


Citrine Point Pendant

Citrine is a Stone of Joy and also of Abundance. It will help you by inspiring your creativity and clarity so that you can be motivated to act upon your intentions and move forward. It is a bright, sunny yellow solar plexus chakra stone that energizes our minds and bodies to reach for what we desire.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal Ball Sphere 40mm

Clear Quartz is a Master Healer and works on all parts of your mind, body and spirit. It cleanses your aura and etheric subtle bodies. This stone is good for all chakra’s and is especially a higher crown chakra stone. Most importantly, for our purposes here, it is an amplifier. It will amplify your intentions and will also amplify the other stones you may have chosen to help you attain your goals.


Tumbled Blue Kyanite

Kyanite is a very high vibration throat chakra stone. It can be found in both blue and black. Kyanite is known to help you dissolve old beliefs and habits so that you may move forward in your new desires. It is one of the greatest crystalline allies for those who have lost their way, helping to get back on track and release self destructive ways. It is a beautiful, striated blue stone that helps you to communicate effectively. It encourages honest communications.


Labradorite Crystal Egg

Labradorite is a Stone of Transformation and is magical and mystical with its beautiful iridescent flashes. It is like the Aurora Borealis of stones. It is often called the Stone of Magic perhaps because it is said to enhance psychic ability and open one up to, not only intuition but, deeper spirituality. It has been a favored stone of shamans and healers for a long time. Mainly a throat chakra stone its beauty is extraordinary and one can gaze upon it and maybe even find some answers. It is said to strengthen you and to be one of the most powerful protectors Mother Earth has given us.


Polished Bird's Eye Malachite

Malachite is a blue green stone that is associated with both the heart and throat chakras. It is also a Stone of Transformation that is used for deep energy cleaning. It is extremely powerful and should be used gently and in small doses. It is also a stone of abundance and manifestation. It absorbs negative energies so it is very important to cleanse it with your favorite cleansing method, but due to its chemical composition, please do not use water. This stone is known to help you bring forth and discharge old traumas, destructive habits and emotions you have been suppressing.


Mookaite Sphere

Mookaite is multicolored and can be used on various chakras. This is another stone of new beginnings. It is protective and shields you from negativity that can distract you from your goals. Since it is a jasper, it is a very nurturing stone that helps to soothe you through the rough waters in your journey. It helps us make decisions and assists us when we are needing or wanting change. It helps us to look at all possibilities and choose the right one for us. It is a stone of emotional growth.


Rainbow Moonstone Power Bracelet

Moonstone is a Stone of New Beginnings that can help us look at and restructure our lives. This stone helps us to attain peace and encourages inner strength and growth. This stone is beautiful to behold and gently calms our body, mind and spirit from the auric fields to the internal. Meditate with this stone to seek knowledge from the higher realms and to weather the ebb and flow of the tides of your life.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate Sphere Crystal Ball

Moss Agate is a heart chakra stone that is another Stone of New Beginnings. It is a stone of prosperity, abundance, success and growth. It encourages our creativity and promotes self-esteem. It is a wonderful grounding stone and helps you to achieve harmony in your life. It will lead you to what you need rather than what you think you want.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Orgonite Pyramid

Rose Quartz is a beautiful, pale pink heart chakra stone. People so often forget they are worthy of love and goodness in life and how necessary it is to love themselves. Rose Quartz reminds us to remember to care for ourselves no matter what kinds of changes we are going through. It is also a stone of universal love and unconditional love that teaches us to love one another, promoting peace and harmony in our relationships.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz Power Bracelet

Rutilated Quartz can be used on all chakras. It is quartz with thin needles of Rutile running through it. Those needles are like an antennae that boost the frequency of the quartz, giving you an extra strong dose of amplified energy. This amplification process is thought to manifest your intentions and enable you to reach the Divine source for inspiration that can potentially help you to achieve your goals quickly. It will stimulate your imagination and also helps you understand why change is necessary, in the first place.


Selenite Spiral Tower

Selenite is good for all chakras. This translucent to opaque white stone is calming and brings peace. Used in meditation it helps us attain higher realms to do deep spiritual work. It also helps to rid us of negativity. Selenite promotes self awareness and enables us to see the bigger picture around us. It can clear confusion, giving us greater clarity into a problem and possible solutions than we started with.

The majority of these stones empower the heart, throat and crown chakras with a little solar plexus thrown in. Some of them are rather universal, working on all chakras. These stones can open your heart to love, let you speak your truth and connect to the Universal Love through Spirit. These are traits that can result in real, lasting change, and new beginnings. 

How To Use These Crystals

The first thing we must do is set the intent of what it is we wish to create in our new story line. Spend some time really meditating and visualizing those changes and succeeding in them.  Once we have determined what we desire and have felt the joy of the future accomplishment, we can look into incorporating these crystals in our lives that are known for helping with new beginnings.

When we bring them home, or enlist them if we already have them, they should be cleansed of all prior programming and energy they may have absorbed. Use your favorite cleansing technique such as smudging or sound. Then, we need to hold those crystals one at a time and speak to them the truth of our intent and ask for their assistance in attaining the goals we have set.

After programming the crystals, we can then regularly meditate with them to help us ascertain the best way to attain our goals. We can make crystal grids with them and let them work together with us to stay the course and reach those goals we desire to manifest in our lives. We can surround ourselves with the crystals that resonate with us, wear them or carry them with us. Do what feels right and fills your spirit with positivity.

It is very important to have whichever of these crystals that call to you in your home and in your workplace. Perhaps there are other crystals that you are drawn to. If so, definitely include them because your intuition is speaking to you. 

Happy New Year and here's to creating positive New Beginnings in the next chapter of our lives!

Linda Fletcher Whitley is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Tradition, certified in Crystal Healing and Color Therapy.  A certified Acupressure Practitioner and Teacher, Linda also teaches Aura Reading, Pendulum Dowsing, Chakra Balancing and Crystal Energy Work. 


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