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Anand's Fluxo Incense is perfected and handmade in India. Made from the finest Essential Oils, Gum, Resins, Herbal Extracts, Floral Hydrosols, and other natural materials.

 Fluxo, also known as "masala" is a traditional and premium type of incense made of aromatic and precious resins, roots, spices, and blossoms.

Anand Flora Incense; this fragrant Agarbathi infers a rich yet vaporous vanilla, with floral notes and wild spices. Bring peace to your space when burning this high-quality incense.

  • Quantity = 1 pack of 10 sticks (~25 grams)
  • Burn time: 40-60 minutes
  • Stick Length 8 inches
  • Smoke - Medium
  • Hand Made in India
  • Used for Prayer & Aromatherapy

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It has a very pleasant odor sent