Fluorescent Ranch "Yarrow" Smudge Stick

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Fluorescent Ranch "Yarrow"  Smudge Stick is burned to clear negativity, promote courage, heal deep wounds, attract love, increase psychic abilities, and manage creative flow with steady intention. Light sage stick and allow the smoke to fill your sacred space. Easy to follow instructions for smudging included.

  • Yarrow's properties include purification, healing, courage, love, increased psychic abilities, creativity,  self-restraint, and groundedness.

Fluorescent Ranch is proud to be a women-owned company whose products are sustainably farm-raised and harvested honoring traditional wisdom; offered up with the highest light and love for the Greatest Good of All.  

Abalone Shell   sold separately.   

Smudge Stick ~ 5" long

Place of Origin: Fluorescent Ranch, Grand Mesa, Colorado

*Abalone Shell and Healing Crystals sold separately*