Sun's Eye "Money Drawing" Mystic Blends Spray (Small Bottle)

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Sun's Eye "Money Drawing" Mystic Blends Spray features earthy top notes in a base of Heliotrope.  Formulated with herbs traditionally believed to attract material wealth and abundance.


Fragrant and delightful room spray! May be helpful with clearing and setting intentions for sacred space, refreshing the auric body, and creating a sensory link to mystical aspirations. 

Pair it with Citrine or Quartz to strengthen intentions.


Sun's Eye Mystic Blends  sprays are made with a traditional blend of concentrated essential and fragrance oils, filtered water, and an emulsifier derived from coconut.


Spray Bottle: 2 fl. oz.


1 each

*Sun's Eye products are tools to remind the user of their intention. No guarantee of results is implied.*