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Smudge Kit with Feather Smudge Fan

Smudging is an ancient practice of burning sage and other herbs for the purpose of clearing negative energies from environments, objects, and individuals while also inviting in the positive. Our Smudge Kit with Feather Smudge Fan is a great gift idea for loved ones moving into a new home!

  • Blue Sage Bundle clears negative energies
  • Flat Cedar (loose herb) attracts positive energies
  • Sweet Grass Braid promotes balance and harmony
  • Smudge Abalone Shell
  • Mini Feather Smudge Fan (with bead and green tassel)
  • Charcoal Tablet (for burning loose incense)
    • Simply light the end of the Blue Sage bundle or Sweet Grass Braid and let it burn for a few seconds before blowing out.
    • Once it is smoking, place the Sage or Sweet Grass in the Abalone Shell (burning end down to catch the ashes).
    • Use the mini Feather Smudge Fan to waft the smoke around the different area(s) you are cleansing.
    • The Charcoal Tablet is great for burning the Flat Cedar in the Abalone Shell. The tablet can be broken into pieces for multiple uses.
    **  Pro tip: Make sure to open a window beforehand so the negative energy has a way to escape!