Selenite Mini Candle Holder

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Selenite Mini Candle Holder is hand-carved out of natural white selenite and perfectly sized to hold your Mini Ritual Candle. Selenite, also known as Moon Glow, Moon Stone, or Moon Rock, is a crystallized form of gypsum. It has a satin, pearly shine and is energized when allowed to rest in Moon Light. Selenite deepens the meditation experience, amplifies pure intent, and is thought to offer Spiritual Protection, Healing, and Peace. Selenite is used for energy work with all the Chakras and clearing the aura.

Our Selenite Mini Candle Holder  offers an incandescent glow much like moonlight when placed near light. It is excellent for altars, perfect for prayer and meditation, and offers soothing energy to any environment. Collect several and create your own supercharged sacred space!

~Height: 2.5”

~Diameter: 1.5”

~Unit: One Each

~Made In: Morocco


*** Selenite is a soft, fibrous stone which can easily scratch. Handle with care to keep from chipping and breaking.