Sage, Cinnamon, Flat Cedar with Abalone Shell Smudge Kit

Fluorescent Ranch "Sage, Cinnamon, Flat Cedar with Abalone Shell Smudge Kit" contains natural herbs traditionally used in the ancient practice of smudging.  Use this kit to clear negative energies and invite positive qualities into your sacred space. Easy to follow smudging instructions included.

  • Blue Sage (loose herb) for cleansing
  • Flat Cedar (loose herb) attracts positive energies
  • Cinnamon Chips for empowerment
  • Small Abalone Shell (to catch ashes)

Fluorescent Ranch is proud to be a women-owned company whose products are sustainably farm-raised and harvested honoring traditional wisdom; offered up with the highest light and love for the Greatest Good of All.   

Place of Origin:  Fluorescent Ranch, Grand Mesa, Colorado