Ruby in Fuchsite Power Bracelet || Inspiration, Spiritual Awareness

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Unique and powerful Ruby Fuchsite Power Bracelet.  This spiritually stimulating high-quality Ruby ranges in color from purple to magenta hues.  Ruby is said to stimulate health in organs and inspire self-confidence.  Green Fuchsite (otherwise known as Green Muscovite) is a gorgeous shimmering emerald to tropical green variety.   A stone of inspiration, Fuchsite is said to strengthen one's spiritual awareness.  Working through the Heart Chakra (4th) to release trauma and co-dependency while finding self-worth.  It amplifies the properties of the Ruby to speed up healing.  Assisting you to strengthen and find wellness and restoring emotional equilibrium.

  • Each piece will have slightly different inclusions and appearance. This makes each item unique and does not detract from the natural beauty of each piece.
  • Quantity = 1 Ruby Fuchsite Power Bracelet.
  • Durable, Stretchy Elastic Band, One size fits most ~ 8" circumference.
  • Ethically and sustainably mined by the indigenous people of India.
  • Ruby Fuchsite is a natural composite of red Ruby and green Fuchsite, which is a chrome mica.
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Veronica (Round Rock, US)

absolutely love