Fluorescent Ranch "Pow Wow" Smudge Stick

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Fluorescent Ranch "Pow Wow"  Smudge Stick combines Lavender, Fennel, Spearmint, and White Sage. Burned together these herbs bring purification, protection, love, peace, abundance, strength, courage, wisdom and good health. Light sage stick and allow the smoke to bless your sacred space. Easy to follow instructions for smudging are included. 

  • Lavender is known to represent purity, silence, devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness.
  • Fennel offers protection, purification, healing, courage, and strength; brings clarity and solutions to difficult situations; promotes connection with higher wisdom while remaining grounded.
  • Spearmint’s qualities stimulate healing, love, and mental clarity; attract abundance.
  • White Sage is traditionally used to clear the mind and open the inner channels so that higher wisdom can enter. It also has properties that cleanse, heal, and provide spiritual protection.

Fluorescent Ranch is proud to be a women-owned company whose products are sustainably farm-raised and harvested honoring traditional wisdom; offered up with the highest light and love for the Greatest Good of All. 




 Abalone Shell  and healing stones sold separately.




 Smudge Stick ~ 7" long





Place of Origin: Fluorescent Ranch, Grand Mesa, Colorado

**Online Price Only. Price and Availability may differ in the Retail Store. HOW TO USE For complete directions on using Smudges, read our informational blog here: https://naturestreasuresatx.com/blogs/news/how-to-smudge

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Nice product

It’s great to get out the bad vibes!