Framed Red Bellied Piranha Specimen

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We are so excited to offer this real life Framed Red Bellied Piranha Specimen to our customers!  It is truly a treasure of Nature that is both fear inducing and fascinating.  Don't put up a trite and fake talking trout or bass on the wall. Truly engage your guests and get some entertaining conversations flowing about a fish that has sparked our collective imagination and has been the subject of many fish tales for generations upon millenniums!

  • Display case size: 9.75 inch X 6.75 inch 
  • Piranha size: approx. 6 inches X 2.75 inches
  • Double glass pane frame
  • Contains one well preserved Red Bellied Piranha (Serrasalmus Nattereri) taxidermy specimen
  • Each fish is unique; piranhas vary slightly in shape and appearance.

Don't let this be the fish that got away!  Add this Framed Red Bellied Piranha Specimen to your cart and enjoy making up your own fish tale of how this fearsome amphibian wound up at your home or office!