Pink Amethyst Moon Carving -Psychic Protection

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Harness the powerful feminine Moon energy of the Goddess Luna with these adorable, rare Pink Amethyst Moon Carvings! Pink Amethyst has highly intuitive energy that offers psychic protection, clarity of mind, and relief from painful emotions including victim mentality.  Perfect for your witchy home décor and sacred space, this charming naturally rosy-pink crystal offers strength through gentle healing vibrational energy.

This charming crystal makes a lovely addition to your witchy home décor and sacred space.  Perfect for jewelry makers, crafting, gridding, and used as healing stones!

  • This is a natural product.  Each piece varying slightly in color, texture, pattern, and size. This makes each item special and does not detract from the natural beauty of each piece.
  • Quantity = 1 Pink Amethyst Moon Carving.
  • Approximately 1.63 x .90 x .35"
  • Pink Amethyst has a hardness of 7.

Pink Amethyst is rare and these carvings are a limited quantity!

Customer Reviews

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Jason Meinert
Strong amethyst

Pink amethyst is very strong

Put it in a bowl of water

I am happy natures treasures picked pink amethyst to sell it

Thanks natures treasures