Natural Blue Banded Onyx Sphere- 70mm

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Natural Blue Banded Onyx Sphere- 70mm is a rare find with well defined banding and rich, all natural, blue hues.  Polished and carved to perfection, place this sphere in your home, office or sacred space to promote peace, marital & family harmony, and a positive outlook that quells anxiety and tension.

  • This is a one of a kind product. You will receive the same item pictured in this listing.
  • Size: 70 mm, approx. 2.75 inches in diameter.
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

Recommendation:  Display your Natural Blue Banded Onyx Sphere- 70mm safely and beautifully on a sphere stand.  Sphere stand not included but can be purchased here.

Natural Blue Banded Onyx Sphere- 70mm makes a wonderful addition to any healing crystal, rock or mineral collection!