Moss Agate 45mm Egg

Moss Agate leads one toward the characteristics of strength in all endeavors, agreeability, persuasiveness, and efficacy in all pursuits. It helps to improve ego and self-esteem, providing for both emotional balancing and strengthening of the positive personality traits. It can be used to provide for communication with and between the plant and the mineral kingdoms; the information is often relative to the methods for enhancing the stability of the planet.

Cut from pure Moss Agate and polished to perfection these stand out beautifully in any collection. The unique mixture of colors that compose Moss Agate makes each egg a one a kind item. Pictured with optional stand which can be added to your order.

~3 oz.

1 x 1 x 2 inches

Stand sold separately

Items may vary slightly in shape, size, and appearance.

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