Master Shamanite Sphere 15mm

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Master Shamanite Sphere 15mm is polished into a gemstone sphere and said to aid in entering shamanic states and journeys.  Master Shamanite bridges the physical and spiritual realms, connecting totem animals and other spiritual guides to its companion, and assist with soul retrieval rituals.  Simmons writes "If one wants to be a "Warrior of Light", Master Shamanite can be a powerful ally".  Add Master Shamanite to your collection today to bring out your inner Shaman with protection and wisdom.

  • 15 mm gemstone sphere of Master Shamanite
  • Master Shamanite is a carbon rich form of Calcite found in the mountains of Colorado.
  • Each Master Shamanite Polished Crystal Sphere is unique and will vary in appearance.

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Don't Forget!  Display your sphere safely & beautifully with a Sphere Display Stand.

Good To Know: Master Shamanite has been venerated by Native American tribes, using it to create talismans and amulets for healing emotional wounds and ancestral grief.

Master Shamanite Sphere 15mm