Malachite Egg 40mm

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Manifest new beginnings with this hand carved & polished Malachite Egg 40mm!  Malachite helps release toxic patterns & circumstances, absorbs negative energy, and heals the Heart Chakra.  Display this Stone of Transformation in a nest, a bowl, or an egg stand to elevate the positive vibrations in your home, office, or sacred space!

  • Average Size: 40 mm x 30 mm  ( 1.6 inches x 1.2 inches )
  • Includes one 40 mm Malachite Egg.
  • Each item is unique.  Items vary slightly in appearance.

Are you looking for a Malachite Egg in a different size?  We have them!

Pro Tip:  Due to its chemical composition, it is not recommended to cleanse, dip, or submerge Malachite in water.  Keep in a dry, cool place.

Recommendation: Display Malachite Egg 40mm safely & beautifully on a Sphere & Egg Stand.