Malachite Egg 40mm

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Manifest new beginnings with this hand carved & polished Malachite Egg 40mm!  Malachite helps release toxic patterns & circumstances, absorbs negative energy, and heals the Heart Chakra.  Display this Stone of Transformation in a nest, a bowl, or an egg stand to elevate the positive vibrations in your home, office, or sacred space!

  • Average Size: 40 mm x 30 mm  ( 1.6 inches x 1.2 inches )
  • Includes one 40 mm Malachite Egg.
  • Each item is unique.  Items vary slightly in appearance.

Are you looking for a Malachite Egg in a different size?  We have them!

Pro Tip:  Due to its chemical composition, it is not recommended to cleanse, dip, or submerge Malachite in water.  Keep in a dry, cool place.

Recommendation: Display Malachite Egg 40mm safely & beautifully on a Sphere & Egg Stand.

Customer Reviews

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Ryann Grimes (Sacramento, US)

Very powerful and beautiful stone! It has intense energy but is also very helpful with clearing blockages and understanding yourself and what holds you back. Very decent size and weight - highly recommend!