Labradorite Slabs Polished Mini Slabs | 3 oz

Imported from Madagascar, all natural Labradorite Slabs are truly wonders of nature. Picture light reflecting off a puddle of car oil and water in which metallic hues of the rainbow swirl together in a stunning effect. Now imagine putting that visual into solid form, and you can envision the beauty of our Labradorite Slabs. Iridescent gold, blue and bronze colors mix together and flash in the light. One side is polished and highlights the brilliant colors; the other side is rough and dull but still colorful. Know someone going through a transformation? Labradorite can aid transitions by providing clarity and well-being. Purchase a Labradorite Slab and spend hours admiring its metallic sheen!
3 oz and 2.5 x 2 x 0.5 inches
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