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Connect with Archangel Haniel in the angelic realm with Archangel Haniel Incense Cones by Goloka.  This incense can help you find more joy in your life as Archangel Haniel is known to give happiness and reveal hidden talents to those who seek her.  She is also called upon to assist with artistic, creative, and inventive pursuits.  Hand crafted responsibly in India.  10 cones per box.

  • Archangel Haniel is the Joy of God or Grace of God.
  • Fragrance is made responsibly and naturally from high quality herbs and flowers.
  • Made by Goloka.  100% of their proceeds goes to charitable trusts and activities to promote education, food for underprivileged children, and vocational training for widows.

Great Idea: Burn Archangel Haniel Incense Cones while creatively expressing the inner artist within with the Wild, Unknown Journal.

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Christine Ketchell (North Carolina, United States)

Best Golonka cones out there. Not old or dried up.