Clear Quartz Pendulum

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Clear Quartz Pendulum is probably one of the top favorites in the world when it comes to pendulum work.. Clear Quartz is known for clarity and for amplifying intentions. For this reason the Clear Quartz Pendulum is the epitome for healing work, chakra balancing, divination, dowsing and meditation. 

  • Clear Quartz measures approx. 1.5 inches.
  • Chain with Clear Quartz bead is approx. 7 inches long.
  • Comes with Organza Pouch.
  • Each item is unique; crystals vary slightly in appearance.
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Pro Tip:  Clear Quartz  is wonderful for all the chakras. Use it alone or with other stones to amplify their energies. There is a reason it is called a Master Healer. It literally works on the complete body/mind/spirit. Clear Quartz is extremely programmable, just let it know what your needs are. Please note since it is such a powerhouse crystal ally remember to cleanse it often. 

Recommendation: Want to learn more about using a pendulum?  We recommend picking up this book with your new Clear Quartz Pendulum.

Clear Quartz Pendulum is an absolute must have. Perfect for novices and those who have been dowsing, meditating or working on themselves or others energies. This powerhouse ally will supercharge your sacred space or healing practice with its unlimited positive energy!

Customer Reviews

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Debra Estrada (Texas, United States)

Absolutely beautiful with fast shipping...will be back for more. Great price too.

Jack Nicholais (New Jersey, United States)
Worth it

I am a professional Master Hypnotist and use this crystal with my clients for trance purposes. The fact that it is true quartz is perfect due to it's vibrations as all quartz crystals have.