Chakra Tumbled Stone Wand

Chakra Tumbled Stone Wand is a charming way to collect a tumbled stone that relates to each of the 7 Chakras. Healing crystal wands are also a great way to concentrate the crystals' energy during journaling, meditation, or dream work. This Chakra Tumbled Stone Wand also adds a gorgeous touch to your crystal grid!

Red Jasper: Root Chakra
Carnelia: Sacral Chakra
Yellow Jasper: Sacral Chakra
Epidote: Heart Chakra
Blue Opalite: Throat Chakra
Iolite: Third Eye Chakra
Amethyst: Crown Chakra

Tip of Wand finished with a generator clear quartz crystal.
Bottom of Wand finished with a smooth, round clear quartz sphere.

Average Size ~ 4.75 inches long x 0.75 inch wide

Included = 1 Chakra Wand

Imported from India

Items may vary in size, weight, color, and appearance. Stones may vary.


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