Blue Banded Agate Slab | 1.9 LB. | 6 inches | Brazil

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BlueξBandedξAgate is one the prettiest stones you will ever see. With its delicate bands and patterns that look like waves and arrangements that look like lace, this stone can truly captivate.

Blue BandedξAgate is also known as Blue Chalcedony Lace, Blue Lace, or the Gem of Ecology. Its name relates to the beautiful lacy bands of grey, white, and blue lines that run through the light blue stone.

1.9 to 2.5 lbs and 6 X 4.5 inches
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Imported from Brazil.
Item may vary in size, weight, color, shape and appearance.

    Hardness: 7

    Chemical Composition: SiO2 (silicon dioxide)

    Crystal System: Trigonal


    Color: Varies