Cracked Agate | 1 lb | 5 inches | Healing Crystals

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Agate enhances creativity and strengthens the intellect, making it a beneficial stone for both students and artists. It is also known as a good luck stone. As a stone of harmony, one of the things agate does is balance yin/yang energy. Agate increases energy. However, because it is a grounding stone, it does not increase energy at all times, but rather enables bursts of energy as needed. In this way, agate is a conservation stone, and enhances longevity.
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1 lb and 5 X 1.5 X 5.5 inches

All products may vary slightly in size, shape, and color.

    Hardness: 7

    Chemical Composition: SiO2 (silicon dioxide)

    Crystal System: Trigonal


    Color: Varies