Our Practitioners

Adrienne Goff

Healing Crystal Expert

Adrienne Goff is an author, healer, and teacher with a specialty in the healing crystalline kingdom....

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Anne Berlin

Empathic Psychic Medium

Psychic from childhood, Anne Berlin began actively working with the other side in her early 20’s....

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Deborah Dahmen

Holographic Energy Healer, Intuitive Reader, Past Life Regressionist

Deborah is a Soul Wisdom Alchemist channeling your Soul’s wisdom to bring healing, loving awareness, and...

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Denise Nitti

Healing for the Body, Mind & Soul

Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium, Angel Readings, Intuitive Energy...

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Elaine Ireland

Psychic Specialist

I've been working as a practicing psychic for over forty years. That work has included teaching...

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Freedom Jennings

Aura Soma Practitioner, Reiki Master & Tarot Reader

Aura-Soma is a system which harnesses the vibrational powers of Mother Nature through color, plant and...

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JaMecha Dodd

Sacral Chakra Wellness Coach

Willow Peak Wellness is a Veteran owned company. I have perfected my personal craft of energy...

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Julie Reeves

Astrologist & Past-Life Consultant

Sighted Intuitive Astrology/Tarot and Past-Life Consultations. I live and have a full-time professional practice here in...

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Kramer Wetzel

Astrological Prognostication

With the philosophy that humankind is humorous right to its core, Kramer dispenses a deep-fried, homespun...

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Laura Tree

Energy Therapist & Reiki Master

Laura is an intuitive guide and mystic, Divinely inspired through communion with Source, Earth and Celestial...

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Madame Zee

Magickal Life Coach

I am a Psychic, Tarot Counselor, Magickal Life Coach, and Female Empowerment facilitator. I connect with...

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Mia Loweree

Certified Akashic Record Consultant & Universal Intuitive

Mia Loweree's passion & intention is to facilitate connecting people to their Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones,...

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Mia Michel

Akashic Records Consultant

Mia Michel has always felt a strong connection with the spirit world. She is descendant from...

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Rebecca Andrews

The Soul Mechanic

Inform your Soul by receiving colored light, crystals, and sacred geometry on your skin. Colorpuncture healing...

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Renatus Ren

Tarot & Reiki

Renatus has over 10 years experience reading Tarot in Austin and all over the world.

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Sally Ramirez

Clairvoyant Angel Guide

Sally is an Angel Card Reader and Clairvoyant Medium based in Austin, Texas. With over 10...

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Sheela Goodrich

Healer of Healers

Sheela Goodrich is an intuitive energy healer with over thirty years of experiential knowledge in Metaphysical...

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Sheryl Martin

Holistic Psychic Reverend

Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin is a psychic medium, dream interpreter, reiki master, spiritual counselor, intuitive,...

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Stefanie Fix

Tarot Cards & Dreams Interpreter

Stefanie Fix engages in tarot card reading and dream interpretation. Inquire at booths as to rates.Stefanie...

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Stephanie Wrapper

Healing Body, Mind, & Spirit

Stephanie is a professional lightworker, using her intuitive and mediumistic abilities to support healing of body,...

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Tara Ventura

Eclectic Psychic Medium & Numerologist

Tara has picked up on psychic messages since she was young. She lovingly receives channeled guidance...

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Yuci Edwards

Holistic Spiritual Guide

As a Spiritual Counselor, Yuci guides her clients to live more holistic lives by helping them...

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