NEW Video Concierge Service

Nature's Treasures Video Shopping Service

We know that shopping the Annual Fall Denver Trunk Show is a fun and interactive experience everyone looks forward to each year. We realize many of you may not feel comfortable coming to a crowded event right now so, for that reason, this year we are offering our customers free Video Concierge Shopping and a 20% discount for trying out this brand new service!

To get started, send us an email or message us on Facebook and let us know which method you want to use (see below for options). Give us your phone number, email address, and a good day for us to connect for the chat. We will let you know which times we have available on that day, and get it set up for you!

For now, we are limiting the Video Shopping appointments to 15 minutes to try to accommodate our many requests, but don't worry -- you can request another appointment if you want to see additional treasures that are put out during the Trunk Show, and still get 20% your entire order! We know that half the fun of the Trunk Show is coming back to see what else has been added so you don't miss out on anything! 

During your Concierge Video Shopping appointment, one of our Personal Shoppers will walk around the Trunk Show displays and show you what is available. You can ask questions about the products, see them up close and from different angles before adding to your order. That's right; you have the ability to pick out exactly what item you want!

When we are done, it will take us just a moment to compute your order.  We'll add your shipping,  or schedule your curbside pickup, and take your payment while we have you on video.  If you prefer, we can email you an electronic invoice instead for you to complete your payment and shipping details. Once the order is complete, we take your selected items to our Shipping Department, pack them carefully, and get them right out to you!  



Need options?  We've got them!  Shop the Denver Trunk Show Your Way!


Contact Nature's Treasures by Facebook Messenger

Can be done on a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Just message us on Facebook or click the Messenger icon at the bottom right corner of the homepage of our website. At the time of your appointment, we will send you a Messenger message with an invite to one of our Personal Shoppers' video chat rooms. 


Contact Nature's Treasures by Whatsapp

Can be done on your cell phone. Just send us the phone number for the device you have What's App on, and one of our Personal Shoppers will send a Video Chat request from their What's App at the time of your appointment. 


Contact Nature's Treasures by Zoom Video Conferencing

Can be done on your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC. Just confirm which email address you would like us to send the Invitation to before your scheduled Concierge Video Shopping Appointment. 



Any information you give us, such as contact or payment information, remains private -- we will never sell your information to anyone, and we won't use it to send you unwanted communication. Your payment information is not stored. Any information you provide will be used for providing the Concierge Video Shopping Service and nothing else, ever! 



You don't have to wait for your video shopping appointment to check out what we have in store for you!  You can peruse our Denver Trunk Show Collection to see what is available to purchase online now or go to our Retail Store's Weekly Highlights & Features page to see more of what is in our store in Austin, TX.

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