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Natural Amethyst Geode - Bigger than the Backseat of a Buick

Natural Amethyst Geode - Bigger than the Backseat of a Buick! 

Everything is bigger in Texas! Nature's Treasures is proud to home what is probably the largest natural amethyst geode in the US. Other amethyst geodes this large are cobbled together from other large geode pieces to make them appear larger, but as far as we know, this is the largest amethyst geode that is completely whole. 

Grown in the mineral rich amethyst mines of Brazil, this amethyst geode was carefully extracted by the local native workmen. Ropes and canvas straps were used, along with an old fashioned pulley system, to carefully work this museum piece from the clay and gravel surrounding it. 

This region produces many large amethyst geodes, and it is not unusual to find amethyst geodes ranging from 3 feet to 11 feet in diameter. Amethyst from this region often has large calcite formations within the geodes, occurring millennia after the initial amethyst. 

Karen acquired this particular geode, big enough to sit in while on one of her many "scouting" trips around the world. While touring another friend's quartz mine in Brazil, she heard they had found "a really big amethyst geode." She and her guide went to investigate this claim, and the rest is history! 

This particular amethyst geode is a real prize, because it was so carefully handled from the time it left the mine in Brazil until it came to reside at Nature's Treasures Texas retail showroom. It has been cut and polished carefully to reveal a gentle, lavender colored interior, with deeper grape jelly crevices. Lustrous growths of white calcite crystals add to the high vibration transmitted by the natural amethyst clusters of this geological phenomena. 

When Karen found this piece, she knew she was only a guardian for it until it found its "Forever Home." She knew that the right caretaker would come after her. Someone to love and cherish it as we at Nature's Treasures do. 

This piece is looking for a Forever Home. Because of its special nature, it cannot be listed as a product on our eCommerce has to be freighted on a pallet to its new home. Serious inquiries may be made by emailing or by calling the Retail Store at 512-472-5015.