Tiger Iron is a metamorphic rock with a silky lustre, exhibiting a golden to reddish-brown color. Related to and resembling Hawk’s eye, Tiger Iron contains parallel inter-growths of quartz crystals that give it its’ unique appearance and banding. The color of Tiger Iron depends on the treatment: red stones undergo a gentle heat treatment whereas darker stones may have had their colors artificially treated and lightened. As an altered rock, Tiger Iron is composed of mainly tiger’s eye, with inclusions of Red Jasper and Black Hematite, giving it a beautiful color that has deemed very popular for jewelry making. 

Tiger Iron is primarily found in South Africa and Western Australia.
Tiger Iron combines the qualities of Tiger Eye,  Red Jasper, and Hematite, assisting in creative endeavors and prompting artistic abilities toward wondrous beauty and works; it reveals an ultimate in balance and mathematical exactitude. It has been said to generate clarity of knowledge, allowing one to see the truth deep beneath the surface. 

Tiger Iron also helps one find havens of refuge when danger is perceived, warding off dangerous energies and providing protection in its surround environment.
In addition, it stimulates the physical vitality to put a “tiger in your tank”. It has been used to promote the assimilation of the B-Complex Vitamins and to increase the white and red blood cell count. Tiger Iron has also been used to strengthen the muscular structure and to stimulate production of steroids.    


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