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White Sage Smudge Bundle

Our "White Sage Smudge Bundle" is burned to purify and protect your environment,  bring in healing energies invoking wisdom. Light the sage stick and allow the smoke to permeate your sacred space.

  • White Sage is traditionally used to clear the mind and open the inner channels so that higher wisdom can enter. It also has properties that cleanse, heal, and protect the spirit as well as sacred space.

Wrapped in natural fiber twine.  Sustainably farm-raised and harvested in a traditional manner.

Smudge Stick ~ 4" long

Customer Reviews

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Love this place

The sage bundle works great, and the price was way more reasonable than I thought it would be! Next time I'll probably get something other than white sage just from things I've read regarding its protected plant status, but they had several other great bundles of things like cedar!

I purchased this online along with some crystals as my first purchase here, and they were great! Order was ready for pickup in an hour, and they even threw in some little samples for me! Great prices and a ridiculously huge collection. Will definitely be back!

Love it

Their prices are fair, and the shipping was efficient . I’ll purchase again in the future .