Pyrite Sphere

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Gaze into this shiny Pyrite Sphere that acts like a crystal ball inspiring you to go after your dreams and create the success you want and need.  Pyrite may be known as Fool's Gold, but there is absolutely nothing foolish about these beauties.  Add a sparkling Pyrite Sphere to your crystal collection today!

In crystal healing circles, Pyrite is considered one of the best stones to draw in luck, abundance, and new wealth.  Additionally, Pyrite is a protective stone which helps shield from negative energy.

  • Approximate Dimensions: 50mm, a little over 2 inches in diameter.
  • Includes one pyrite sphere.
  • Appearances and dimensions vary.

Pro Tip: Place a Pyrite Sphere in your home or office on a display stand to radiate its energy in all directions, get rid of negativity, and create new opportunities for increasing income!