K2 Azurite in Granite Tumbled Stone

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Imagine if you will the rugged, freezing peaks of the K2 mountain in Pakistan. This K2 Azurite in Granite Tumbled Stone can only be found in this second highest mountain in the world. We are delighted to bring to you this rare combination of azurite and granite. Mother Nature has truly gifted us this stunning beauty from one of the most daunting environments in the world. 

  • Average size: ~0.5-0.75 inches long x 0.5-0.75 inches wide x 0.25-0.75 inches tall
  • Each stone is unique and varies in size, shape and appearance. 

Pro Tip: This almost mystical silvery gray stone with orbicular blue spots is especially good for meditation and divination. The granite is strongly grounding to the earth while the azurite frees your mind to soar to the heights in search of the answers you seek from the Universe. As a throat and third eye chakra  stone it will help you seek and speak your truths. Should you happen to find a tiny bit of green in your stone rejoice because Malachite has joined the party. 

Includes one polished K2 Azurite in Granite Tumbled Stone.