Dragon Bloodstone Pocket Heart

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Capture the essence of your inner dragon when you carry this Dragon Bloodstone Pocket Heart! Dragon Bloodstone is thought to activate all chakras but is especially good for the heart and root chakras due to the red and green colorations. This stone is part of the "extreme nurturing" family of Jasper. Can there be anything more powerful or magical than a dragon? 

  • Size:  1 x 1 inches
  • Each heart is unique, items vary slightly in shape and appearance.

Fun Fact: Having Dragon as your totem or spirit animal denotes leadership and power, mystery, magic and wisdom. Dragons are fierce and exciting but they are also protective and filled with ancient knowledge. Carry your Dragon Bloodstone Pocket Heart with you to enhance your leadership abilities. But remember with power it is important to lead with wisdom and kindness as well. 

Includes one Dragon Bloodstone Pocket Heart.