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Zodiac Stones: Crystals for Sagittarius

Zodiac Stones: Crystals for Sagittarius

It is fitting that the merry and bright sign of Sagittarius spans most of the official holiday season--a time of cheer, magic, and playfulness. If your birthday falls between November 22nd and December 21st, Sagittarius is your sun sign.

Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer, a centaur who aims his bow and arrow at the sky. He hunts, he seeks, and he is shooting for a higher spiritual and philosophical understanding that transcends the animal part of his nature. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is graced with passion, warmth, inspiration, and spontaneity. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a benevolent planet that is associated with expansion, fortune, luck, and higher learning.

Come sit by the campfire that is Sagittarius, where you will be delighted by colorful tales of his many travels, impressed by his deep philosophical insights, and entertained by his spontaneous stand-up comedy routines. With a gregarious, adventurous Sagittarian at your side, it’s never a dull moment. They are free-spirited with an unquenchable wanderlust, happy to roam the Earth in search of peak experiences and higher truths. They don’t enjoy being restrained by rules, regulations, and routines. Being free to do what they want when the inspiration strikes is important to them.

As the archer symbol implies, Sagittarians are straight shooters with no filters. Direct and to the point, they unabashedly say aloud what everyone else is secretly thinking. You will always know where you stand with a Sagittarian, as they value the truth and do not hide their feelings or perspectives. They have an intellectual side that loves to absorb knowledge and strives to understand what makes the world tick. Many are drawn to study philosophy, spirituality, other cultures, history, and politics. Yet they are also fun-loving party animals, graced with optimism and charm that often results in the universe bestowing good fortune upon them.

As with all signs, Sagittarius has some challenging personality traits. They tend to get impatient, restless, and bored with mundane life duties, sometimes running from responsibility in search of thrills and greener pastures. They can be daredevils who take careless and dangerous risks. Sagittarians can come across as self-righteous show-offs with a stubborn need to be right. Their blunt, tell-it-like-it-is communication style often lacks diplomacy and tact. They can be a bit flighty and inconsistent, sometimes promising more than they can deliver.

Working with the right crystals can enhance the positive Sagittarius qualities, while helping to temper the less desirable ones. Here are the most highly recommended crystals for those with a Sagittarius sun sign.

Citrine: Citrine is a November birthstone that is assigned to the fire element. This golden gem is like a ray of sunshine that captures the bright energy of Sagittarius--providing warmth and cheer during the colder temperatures of the holiday season.

Citrine embodies and enhances all the most enchanting traits of the Sagittarian personality. Always the life of the party, Sagittarians are natural born entertainers and jesters. Citrine boosts self-expression and electrifies the personality, enlivening Sagittarian’s words, wit, and energy so that others are completely captivated and charmed by their antics. It heightens Sagittarian’s innate optimism, positivity, confidence, passion, and joy de vivre.

Due to Jupiter’s influence, Sagittarians are often considered to be born under a lucky star, as they easily attract good luck and fortune. Citrine can amplify their blessings. It is a powerful manifestation stone that draws in anything that is truly desired--money, love, health, success, opportunities, or experiences. Citrine also stimulates the crown chakra and the mental body. This helps philosophical and spiritually oriented Sagittarians to access and assimilate wisdom and higher truths.

For Sagittarians who tend to run away from obligations, Citrine helps them to overcome a fear of responsibility. It offers protection for Sagittarians who live on the edge and are prone to risk-taking. It can mellow out a Sagittarian’s need to be right and help them to accept the feedback and viewpoints of others. Citrine also clears negative, destructive traits and balances unhealthy emotions, such as arrogance and impatience.

Gold Sheen Obsidian: This powerful volcanic glass is assigned to Sagittarius and the fire element. Its dark base color and its deep, inward-focused energy resonates with the winter season, yet it glitters in a golden hue that reflects the lively essence of Sagittarius.

Gold Sheen Obsidian is blunt, direct, and to the point in the way it works--just like Sagittarius is. Traditionally used as a scrying stone to get accurate visions in meditation, it blatantly cuts to the chase and reveals the root causes of problems, while giving insight into the best ways to rectify them. The mighty archer of the zodiac will appreciate this: Gold Sheen Obsidian is known to improve accuracy in shooting. Whether you are on a literal hunting expedition or on a mission to acquire something important to you, it focuses your energy and brings precision to your aim so that you hit the target.

With his bow and arrow aimed at the sky, Sagittarius is ultimately shooting for something higher--an expanded spiritual perspective, esoteric knowledge, universal truth. In all of Sagittarian’s wandering, he is searching for meaning and purpose. Gold Sheen Obsidian is said to resonate and connect with the energy of the Great Central Sun--the Divine Source of consciousness, light, and manifestation for all sentient beings. Gold Sheen Obsidian delivers greater clarity about Sagittarian’s higher purpose, while revealing relevant hidden talents and boosting manifestation power so that it is actualized.

A powerful solar plexus stone, Gold Sheen Obsidian can address and clear many ego issues that plague Sagittarians. It can snap Sagittarians out of a tendency to be stubborn, self-centered, and arrogant, helping them to soften--to access humility and a higher way of being. Gold Sheen Obsidian is one of the best stones for protection and shielding, making it essential for Sagittarians who love to flirt with danger.

Titanium (Rainbow Aura) Quartz: This captivating crystal is created by placing Quartz in a chamber with titanium and other metal oxides in vapor form. They bond to the surface, creating a dazzling color display in the form of a metallic rainbow. It’s a fire element stone with a high vibration sparkle that matches the bright qualities of Sagittarius.

Sagittarians live out loud, following their excitement and inspiring others with their exuberance, joy, and passionate approach to life. Radiating a rainbow spectrum of light, Titanium Quartz energizes and treats all chakras so that Sagittarian’s light is shining at maximum levels. A perfect Sagittarius talisman, Titanium Quartz amplifies their endless life-force energy, charisma, and zest for life. It brings out Sagittarian’s inner comedian, enhancing wit, sense of humor, and the ability to nail a joke.

Titanium Quartz encourages the pursuit of relaxation, fun, and adventure--which are top Sagittarian priorities. It is known to inspire the seeking of adventures and travel experiences that expand the soul and bring greater meaning to life. For Sagittarians who are down with exploring outside of the box, Titanium Quartz facilitates astral and interdimensional travel--an alluring prospect for the sign that despises limits and constraints. It also brings in synchronicities, connections, and opportunities that lead to fortunate outcomes, which resonates with the inherently lucky sign of Sagittarius.

For Sagittarians who are bored of the mundane world, Titanium Quartz can help them to tackle daily chores and to be more comfortable taking on bigger responsibilities. It assists them with follow-through and keeping their promises, which can be a challenge for impulsive Sagittarius. Sometimes Sagittarians take physically and financially irresponsible risks. Titanium Quartz slows their roll when they are about to make a dangerous mistake, protecting them from themselves, while guiding them to take calculated risks that are more likely to pay off.

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli is a rich blue stone with inclusions of Pyrite (fool’s gold) and Calcite. It is a Sagittarius birthstone and a Sagittarius moon stone, assigned to Jupiter. It has been prized by many ancient cultures as a mystical stone for the spiritual seeker, resonating beautifully with Sagittarian’s truest priorities.

Sagittarians are ultimately on a higher quest for knowledge and personal expansion. Lapis Lazuli activates the crown and third eye chakras--stimulating wisdom, intuition, psychic ability, and the pursuit of higher truth. It awakens the inner student, heightening Sagittarian’s innate desire and ability to explore, learn, and absorb new concepts. Sagittarians put a high value on truth, and Lapis Lazuli inspires candor, honesty, and authenticity--as soul qualities and in all forms of communication.

Lapis Lazuli resonates with the benevolent gifts of Jupiter, blessing and empowering Sagittarius to shine in all important endeavors. Due to the presence of Pyrite in Lapis, it boosts manifestation power, confidence, prosperity, and success. It brings luck to Sagittarians who are in a creative profession or working in the realm of public performance--enhancing their natural spark and showmanship.

For Sagittarius, who tends to put his foot in his mouth, Lapis Lazuli encourages using a more tactful, kind, and sensitive approach to communication. It has a balancing effect on the throat chakra, promoting honest communication that is delivered with grace and care. It also encourages spontaneous Sagittarius to slow down and think things through before overpromising and saying yes to everything. It enhances analysis and good judgment, which can protect Sagittarius from his rash, risk-taking nature.


Honorable Mention:

There you have it, the best Sagittarius gemstones. Here are some other beautiful stones that are traditionally associated with Sagittarius:

Imperial Topaz: a November birthstone, assigned to the fire element, optimism, charisma, confidence, manifestation, abundance, success, joy, spiritual connection with a higher power.

Azurite: assigned to Sagittarius and Jupiter, a stone for students and spiritual seekers, synthesis of ideas, intuition, intellect, insight, truth, clears negative patterns and behaviors.

Turquoise: a December birthstone, spiritual expansion, protection, good fortune, truth, wisdom, promotes open and loving communication, clears restlessness and selfishness, releases impulsive tendencies.

Zircon: a December birthstone, assigned to Jupiter, a stone of high intensity, enhances life force energy, initiates spiritual breakthroughs and higher understanding, expands psychic ability, eases restlessness, helps you deal with the mundane, manifestation, protection, truth.

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