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Zodiac Stones: Crystals for Libra

Zodiac Stones: Crystals for Libra

by Adrienne Goff, Crystal Healing Expert

If your birthday falls between September 23rd and October 22nd, Libra is your sun sign. The beginning of Libra season coincides with the timing of the fall equinox, a time when day and night are equal in length. That’s why it’s fitting that Libra is symbolized by the scales, representing balance and harmony--as well as fairness and justice. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, and money. As an air sign, Libra is highly intellectual and perceptive, with great communication skills.

Charming, gracious Libra has a way of harmonizing the energy of a room, bringing together different people and ideas, and making everyone feel special and seen. They are here to balance the equations in life. With a penchant for symmetry and aesthetics, you can find them using their balancing superpowers in all sorts of capacities, such as mediating a major dispute or perfectly arranging flowers in a vase. They are empathetic peacemakers who want everything to be fair for everyone.

Due to Venus’s influence, Libras are romantics at heart who thrive in committed relationships. They love being in love and can get lost in a good romance novel. With elegant taste and an attraction to the finer things, they also love to beautify their surroundings and indulge in life’s pleasures.

Libras are gifted with sharp wit and intelligence, due to the influence of the air element. They are the life of the party, and they are always down for a good intellectual conversation. Libras are great at analyzing and considering all sides of a situation, making them exceptional problem solvers who always seek out just solutions.

As with all signs, there are some less desirable Libra personality traits. Libras prefer to avoid confrontations and conflict when possible. They want to be liked and to keep the peace at all costs, which sometimes causes them to fall into people-pleasing behaviors. This can result in them losing their sense of self or becoming resentful. Since Libras are always weighing all sides of a situation, they are known to be indecisive. They have a reputation for being vain or superficial because of their fondness of all things beautiful and luxurious. Libras can sometimes resort to manipulating others in order to achieve an outcome that they judge is positive. They are prone to self-pity and having a victim mentality.

Working with the right crystals can bring out the best in Libras, while supporting them in overcoming the growing edges associated with their sign. Here are the most highly recommended crystals for Libras.

 Opal: Enchanting Opal dazzles all who are blessed to behold it with its rainbow iridescent light. It is the traditional October birthstone. As a Venus gemstone, Opal is known to ignite passion and love, while enhancing beauty and prosperity.

Opal is known as a yin-yang stone, as it harmoniously holds both masculine and feminine energy. Yin-Yang is the Chinese philosophy that encourages balance in daily living, which is like catnip for Libras. Opal enhances Libra’s natural ability to get the balance right. It amplifies a loving and empathetic nature, joy, creativity, aesthetic gifts, and calming abilities--all of which Libra has in spades.
Love-obsessed Libra will also appreciate the romantic journey that Opal can initiate. Acting as a crystalline aphrodisiac, it heightens feelings of passion, desire, and amorousness. For Libras looking for their fairytale ending, or for those hoping to rekindle the spark in an existing relationship, Opal can grease the wheels. It also supports loyalty and cooperation in groups and other types of relationships--such as friendships and business colleagues.
Opal helps Libra to face and clear any character flaws. It highlights and brings to the surface hidden thoughts, feelings, negative personality traits, and patterns, so that they can be examined and healed. For Libras who see themselves as the victim, Opal helps them to take responsibility for their feelings and for their part. Opal also enhances self-worth, which gives people-pleasing Libra the message that they also matter. It helps them to consider and prioritize their own well-being, not just everyone else’s.


Ametrine: Ametrine is the combination of two distinct and beneficial minerals in one beautiful, crystalline package--Amethyst and Citrine. Its formation models the concept of balance, which is why it is assigned to Libra. Due to its dual nature, it is assigned to two elements: air and fire.
Ametrine is known as a stone that heightens universal and personal equilibrium. It balances opposites, such as masculine and feminine, while also helping to balance the different levels of the being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This is sure to put a smile on Libra’s face.
Ametrine also embodies and encourages the concept of working in pairs or being in partnership, which is just how Libra likes it. The air element gifts Libra with intellectual acumen. Ametrine has a powerful influence on the mental body and third eye. It keeps the mind sharp, clear, and focused. It balances and connects the intellect with intuitive abilities, fostering full brain processing from a higher level.
Empathy, the ability to put oneself in another person’s shoes, is a higher intuitive gift that Ametrine can enhance--and which comes naturally to Libras. Libras want justice and fairness for all, and Ametrine has been known to support the removal of prejudice and discriminatory behavior.
Snap decisions aren’t Libra’s forte, as they are often weighing every pro and con--agonizing over every possible ramification and all of the “what ifs.” Ametrine boosts Libra’s confidence and mental clarity, which helps them to break through their indecisiveness and come to a conclusion.
Ametrine also returns Libra to their own personal power and sense of self when they get lost in trying to appease everyone else. The Amethyst component of Ametrine has aspiritual vibration that can help Libras to rise above superficial tendencies and vanity.

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is the queen of the heart chakra. Its soft pink essence makes you feel soothed, precious, and loved--as if you are being wrapped in angel wings. Rose Quartz is ruled by Venus and carries many of the Venusian qualities.

 Venus smiles upon Rose Quartz, because Rose Quartz is all about love in all of its beautiful expressions. For single Libras who are on the hunt for a soulmate, Rose Quartz is like a crystalline love spell that can attract a new romantic partner. It heightens desire, intimacy, and loving feelings--perfect for coupled Libras who want to deepen an existing relationship. Rose Quartz strengthens bonds and closeness in different types of relationships, such as family or friendships, while expanding the capacity to love oneself, humanity, the earth, the divine realms, and all of creation. It also inspires love and appreciation for all things beautiful--especially art, music, poetry, design, and other creative expressions.

Peacekeeping Libras will appreciate that Rose Quartz radiates frequencies of peace, harmony, and gentleness. Its energy can smooth over conflicts and bring in more heart-felt compassion. Rose Quartz enhances empathy and understanding, which are natural Libran qualities. It is also known to balance yin and yang energy, as well as other opposing forces.


Libras often put others before themselves. Rose Quartz nurtures greater self-love and self-worth, so that Libras can also honor their own needs and boundaries. It can help Libras strike a balance between giving and receiving. For single Libras who might feel lost without a partner, Rose Quartz gently reminds them that they are worthy, love-able, and complete all on their own. Rose Quartz is a healing balm for uncomfortable feelings, old wounds to the heart chakra, and emotional patterns. It can lovingly clear the ones that Libras are inclined to experience most, such as resentment, self-pity, and the tendency to manipulate.


Green Aventurine: This versatile green gem has a refreshing quality and an ability to bestow balance and healing to multiple levels of the being. Ruled by both Venus and the air element, it checks many Libra boxes.

 Green Aventurine is the stone that keeps on giving. It is known to attract good luck, new opportunities, and greater fortune--which should appeal to Libras who like the finer things. It exudes positive energy that lifts one’s spirit, mood, health, and vibration. It enhances many intrinsic Libra qualities, such as wit and humor, charm, intelligence, empathy, and creativity.

 Green Aventurine guides one to achieving a state of internal harmony, which is a top Libran pursuit. It is known to balance and align the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. It also balances the chakras, as well as masculine and feminine energy. It has a grounding and centering quality that assists air signs, who sometimes have a tendency to be flighty. Green Aventurine is a peacekeeping stone that smooths ruffled feathers and quells conflict in relationships. It is also known to assist those seeking a romantic relationship later in life to find love.
Green Aventurine is a godsend for Libras who have a propensity to ruminate obsessively when a decision needs to be made. It enhances mental focus and clarity, assisting them to more swiftly analyze the issue at hand. It also boosts the solar plexus, giving Libras the confidence to trust themselves and go with the best option. Some Libras may lose their sense of self in their relationships and people-pleasing behaviors. Green Aventurine helps them find their authentic vibration, thoughts, feelings, and voice--strengthening their sense of individuality. It’s an emotional healer that assists one to unravel and release negative emotions, patterns, and tendencies.

Honorable Mention:There you have it, the best Libra gemstones. Here are some other beautiful stones that have been traditionally assigned to Libra:

 Lepidolite: associated with Libra, balancing effect on the emotions and mood, centering, calming, boosts mental activity, helps with decision-making, promotes eloquent communication, clears resentment and other difficult emotions.

Blue Apatite: assigned to Libra and the air element, mental clarity, empathy, enhances communication and decision-making, brings out a humanitarian attitude, creativity, problem-solving, social ease and grace, awakens intuition and psychic ability.

Prehnite: assigned to Libra and Venus, harmony, unconditional love, inner peace, balancing heart and will, nurturing, psychic/spiritual communication, emotional clearing.

Common Moonstone: assigned to Libra, associated with the air and water elements, balancing the bio-energetic system and yin-yang energy, beauty, social grace, elegance, empathy, calming, intuition, creativity, emotional healing and stability.

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