Gratitude Changes Lives: Scientific Proof

by Nancy CBN Staff November 16, 2016 2 Comments

Gratitude Changes Lives: Scientific Proof

With our American holiday of Thanksgiving just around the corner, Gratitude has become a popular attitude to model  – for a day or two.

But few people realize just how POWERFUL the energy behind Gratitude is.  And how the act of consciously and deliberately choosing Gratitude can change lives. 

A few years ago, I attended a lecture by best-selling author, Greg Braden, who was touring with his book, The God Code.  Greg’s background includes aerospace engineering, computer design, and NASA. He’s a leading authority on proving that certain elements of mysticism are founded in scientific fact.

During Greg’s lecture, I sat spellbound, listening to the research he revealed. He was describing how the scientific community has proven that there’s an all-inclusive, all-penetrating energy in the universe, and that this energy links every single Human, plant, animal, planet, star, etc.  Scientists have dubbed this energy, “The Mind of God,” and it’s everywhere, impacting everything it touches.  That means you.  That means me.

More interesting still, Human emotions have a measurable impact on The Mind of God.  That means that what I feel in Austin, Texas, has a subtle impact on a stranger in China.  Or on phytoplankton somewhere in the ocean.

 But my favorite part of Greg’s lecture focused on an experiment. The research was intended to determine how Human emotion affects The Mind of God – and more importantly, which of the myriad Human emotions impacts it the most. Human test subjects were exposed to various stimuli, designed to elicit rage, lust, love, gratitude, happiness, etc.

Guess which emotion had the GREATEST impact on The Mind of God?

 You got it! The invisible matrix of energy that connects all of us is most powerfully impacted by heartfelt, Human GRATITUDE.

 In an interview posted on the Alaska Wellness website, Greg is quoted as saying:

 “Quantum physicists (have confirmed) that we are permeated by a field of energy that is everywhere, a part of all that we see, even in-between the places where we think there is nothing... This field of energy appears to have intelligence, (linking) all of creation, including all people of this world. And it is a field of energy that responds to … coherent, heart-based human emotions… It is through our hearts that we speak the nonverbal language that connects us to” the Mind of God.  (Source:  Living in the Mind of God: An Interview with Greg Braden)

 So my friends, while you’re getting ready for your Thanksgiving Feasts, make a pledge to yourself, to your family, and to the world:  consciously and deliberately practice Gratitude. Not just THOUGHTS of gratitude, mind you. But real, heart-based feelings of appreciation.

 If you choose to practice Gratitude today, and every day, you will change your life. You’ll become a living MAGNET for kindness, generosity, compassion, and caring.  More importantly, you’ll help make this world a better place for yourself and your loved ones.

 Happy Thanksgiving! May your holiday be bright with blessings.


Adrienne DeWolf

Contributor/Crystals By Nature


Nancy CBN Staff
Nancy CBN Staff

Nancy has been a writer and blogger at Crystals by Nature since June 2016. Despite a lifelong interest in metaphysics, Barnard is relatively new to the world of crystals (although she did have a rather impressive geode collection as a child). Prior to her tenure at Crystals By Nature, Barnard produced and wrote plays for a community theatre and taught writing at Austin Community College. When not delving into the world of crystals, she enjoys reading, community building and spending time with her family.

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January 18, 2017

Thank you Judy -

Judy Hall
Judy Hall

November 17, 2016

A wonderful message from Gregg Braden whom I’ve heard speak on a number of occasions – a great reminder for this time of year, especially.

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