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An Introduction To Gorgeous Orgonite

An Introduction To Gorgeous Orgonite

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a combination of crystals, metal, and resin hand crafted into a decorative item that is said to help transmute harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) into positive & healing energy. Additionally, Orgonite is said to balance and align the astral, physical, and etheric energy of our bodies. The term is derived from Dr. Wilhelm Reich's research into what he called orgone energy. Orgone is essentially what some ancient cultures have called Chi, Ki, Qi, Ether, Prana, and (in more modern times) Universal Energy.

How Does Orgonite Work?

7 Chakra Copper Healing Spiral Orgonite PyramidIt is believed that by layering these materials mentioned above, which are organic and inorganic, one can gather life-force energy. It is also thought that by encasing the frequency of the crystals in the resin it amplifies that energy. The addition of the metal is to attract and transform negative frequencies, creating a beautiful artistic piece that has a high vibration. Many times sacred geometry or sacred & auspicious symbols are incorporated into the design to assist the power of the healing crystal energy of the Orgonite creation.

What Are The Healing Benefits Of Orgonite?

Red Jasper Orgonite Sri Yantra NecklaceOrgonite is a lovely creation believed to transform negative energy sources (like EMFs) into positive energy. It is thought that when Orgonite converts the negative energy into positive it balances ones physical, emotional and spiritual body. Basically, what is said to occur is negative energy flows or travels through the Orgonite and encounters electromagnetic friction from the combination of crystals and metal in the resin. This causes the negative energy to reorganize it's frequency into a positive, harmonious vibration.

In addition to neutralizing harmful EMF radiation, Orgonite is said to aid in meditation, help you have a restful sleep, relieve stress, give you energy, and purify the area it's placed in.  It helps improve health by bolstering your immune system to avoid dis-ease and helps accelerate your spiritual growth. Sounds like a powerful tool to add to your protective & spiritual arsenal, doesn't it?

How Do I Use Orgonite?

Lapis Lazuli Om Orgonite SphereIt depends on your intention.  Some are happy with one chosen Orgonite piece, others like to “corner” their home with four pieces, especially if they have chosen the shape of a pyramid. Pyramids are known to be an amplifier in themselves due to their centrally pointed shape. Spheres are wonderful because they radiate their energy around in all directions, pulsating throughout your personal and sacred space. Hearts are the symbol of love and compassion reminding us of unconditional love. Hearts would be easier to carry with you so that you are protected in whatever environment you find yourself in.

When you receive your Orgonite creation it is recommended you cleanse it in your preferred method. You can smudge it with your favorite smudge; play a singing bowl, tuning fork, bell or ting-sha over it; or even place it in a bowl of clear quartz crystals. After cleansing, hold it in your hands and meditate with it. Program your Orgonite with the intention you have set. If you decide to put it in the sunshine, please do not leave it out for very long as it can have adverse effects, such as fading.

Last Word On Orgonite

Rose Quartz Flower of Life Orgonite Sphere

Remember to choose your Orgonite with how the particular crystal within may help you with your intent.  In addition to the wide variety of stone Orgonite we have to offer, there are various sacred symbols encased in the Orgonite that may appeal to you and help you decide which one (or two, or three, or...) to choose.

If you are unfamiliar with crystals, or just unsure, ALWAYS follow your intuition. The one that is aesthetically calling out to you is the one that you probably need the most.  They are all beautiful and will be a most lovely and helpful addition to your home or your sacred space.

-- Linda Fletcher Whitley is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Tradition, certified in Crystal Healing and Color Therapy.  A certified Acupressure Practitioner and Teacher, Linda also teaches Aura Reading, Pendulum Dowsing, Chakra Balancing and Crystal Energy Work.

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