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2020 Year of the Metal Rat: Crystal Cures & Other Feng Shui Tips

by NT Team February 06, 2020 0 Comments

2020 Year of the Metal Rat: Crystal Cures & Other Feng Shui Tips

February 4th heralds in the Feng Shui New Year and it is at this time we freshen up our homes and put into place the Feng Shui cures and enhancers for the next year!  We determine what is needed by looking at the astrology of the Flying Stars, which are determined by the movement of the Big Dipper, and the Chinese Zodiac.


In Chinese Astrology, we are now in the Year of the Metal Rat. This year promises to be one of big changes in our personal and cultural lives. The annual element is Metal which is very rigid and strong. The Rat’s natural element is Water, which rules our emotions and intuitions. The Polarity of this year is Yang, the Masculine. To put this all together, we can expect a year full of strong opinions and stances that are colored with passionate emotion and spurs us into action, for better or worse.



The last time we experienced a Metal Rat Year was in 1960. That year Seventeen African Nations gained independence from European rule; the U.S. announced their intent to send troops to Vietnam resulting in the first war protests; Democrat John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon and was elected the youngest U.S. President; the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC was created; and the IRA went after the British. If history repeats itself, we may see similar themes running throughout this year.



While we can’t always control what happens in the World, we all know change, good fortune, and peace begins within. With this in mind, we offer you this Go-To Guide on how to best cure the negative energy and how to enhance the many blessings of this year through Feng Shui.

Nature's Treasures has all the Feng Shui tips you need to make the best of 2020!

Listed below is all the directions with what Flying Star has flown into it this year and what cures, activators, or enhancers you need to create good Feng Shui in your home and office.


Prosperity Dragon Incense HolderNortheast - Victory Star – Good Luck, Career, Helpful People

This area of your home is under the influence of a fortunate flying star this year although it is weak. It is a good idea toenhance and strengthen its energy by placing metal elements here if you want to bring in more career success. Our pick is theProsperity Dragon Incense Holder as dragons are very protective and auspicious in Feng Shui cures. This dragon sits on top a mound of coins which brings in prosperity, luck, and new clients for your business. Other great choices would be to add metal items such as trophies, wind chimes, or bells to this area.

Gold Plated Ganesh PlateSouth – Illness Star & Three Killings Stars– Accidents and Health Issues

The South area of our home or business is under the influence of flying stars that signify illness, accidents, and poor health. You will want tonegate or lessen this influence by not doing any major renovations there and not putting red in the area. Our choice of feng shui cure is to place this Gold Plated Ganesh Dish in the South as an offering plate filled with crystals, money, and intentions for good health and wisdom. Not your style?  We offer a nice selection of gold plated crystal gridplates for you to arrange your protection stones on.


Red Snakeskin Jasper SphereNorth – Quarrelsome & Grand Duke Stars – Disputes, Arguments, Rumors

The North area of your home or business is under difficult flying stars. You will want tonegate this influence by adding the fire element to this space, diffusing the excess water and wood elements they bring. Red crystals are excellent for this and we suggest this Red Snakeskin Jasper Sphereas it creates a nurturing calmness that is perfect to soothe misunderstandings and peacefully resolve conflicts. Other cures you can apply are Gold items, Chinese Coins, Red Candles, or Red Crystals of your choice. Avoid any water element here, including plants grown in water.



Birch Wood Crystal Grid LoveSouthwest – Peach Blossom Star – Arts, Academics, and Romance

The Southwest area of your home is normally where relationships are nurtured. With the Peach Blossom Star flying through here, there will be an emphasis on creativity, studies, teaching and romance. To activate good fortune in love, create a crystal grid on a wood base and include green and pink crystals. We especially adore this Love Crystal Grid. If you wish to enhance your creativity or increase luck with educational pursuits, place a clear quartz crystal in this space. Avoid the color red in this area as it will weaken the benefits this flying star brings.


Brown Agate Woodstock Wind ChimeEast– Yellow Misfortune Star – Bad Luck, Loss, Mishaps, Accidents

The East, or area of family wellness, is under the influence of one of the most negative stars. It is recommended that even if you do not treat other areas in your home, you do apply a Feng Shui cure to this area this year. To minimize harmful effects to the family, we recommend hanging a six rod metal wind chime. Our Brown Agate Wind Chimes from Woodstock Chimesfits the bill perfectly as it also includes the very protective agate to enhance wellness. Other cures you can apply include placing metal items and Chinese Coins here. Avoid water features in this area.



Feng Shui Amethyst Gemstone Tree Golden Dragon BaseSoutheast– Divine White Star – Good Luck, Windfalls, Benefactors, Travel

The very auspicious Divine White Star has flown into the Wealth & Abundance sector of our homes and businesses. There are possibilities of receiving large financial gains this year, attracting more clients or customers, and increasing traveling opportunities. To activate this good fortune, place this Amethyst Feng Shui Tree with Golden Dragon Basein the Southeast area of your home, office, or sacred space. Other enhancers you can apply include placing Earth elements here, like clay pots or statues, and other Gem Trees of your choice.



Gold Sheen Black Obsidian SphereCenter– Robbery Star – Violence, Theft, Stress, Betrayal, Loss

The unfortunate Robbery Star has entered the Center section of our homes and offices. Because it is in the center, or Health area, anybody in the space can be affected. To negate the negative effects of this placement and protect your home and office, place this small Golden Sheen Obsidian Sphere in the central section to ward off negativity and sharpen your senses. Other Feng Shui cures include placing or hanging any black or blue crystal in the center of your space. Adding a small water element like a fountain or plant growing in water is good, too.


Red Coral Feng Shui Stone Gem TreeNorthwest– Prosperity Star – Prosperity, Wealth, Fortunate Opportunities

The Prosperity Star is showering your Northwest areas with prosperity, abundance, good fortune, and blessings. We may see more supportive people enter our lives this year with this placement. To activate and further enhance this positive energy, set this Red Coral Feng Shui Treein the Northwest section of your home or office to grow these blessings of prosperity all year long. Other great enhancers include placing red items, such as red crystals, in this area. Adding a water element like fountains, aquariums, or even statues of fish work very well, too.



Septarian Crystal Stone EggWest– Magnifying Star – Future Wealth, Fame, Investments, Recognition

The West, which rules children and creativity, is being blessed by the Magnifying Star. Although this flying star is a bit weak this year, if properly enhanced you can expect to see heightened creativity, new business ventures, an expansion of the family, and lucrative investment opportunities. To activate the positive effects of this placement, we recommend placing a Septarian Stone Eggin the West. It’s symbolism of fertility, future generations, and creating a nest egg is perfect for this placement. Items depicting Turtles and Laughing Buddhas work well, too.


Small Bloodstone Tumbled Pocket Stone

Other than these tips for increasing the good Feng Shui in the spaces you frequent in 2020, we also recommend carrying around Bloodstone in your pocket, wallet or purse to further protect yourself from the pitfalls of this year while also ushering in the blessings with courage and commitment.  Wearing a Bloodstone bracelet would be auspicious, too.  Alternatively, you could also wear a Chinese Coin Bracelet to further enhance your success and prosperity in the Year of the Metal Rat.


However you decide to welcome in the New Year of the Rat, we wish you much prosperity, success, and good fortune!

Come join us and celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rat with us & the Summitt Lion Dance Team and get Good Fortune throughout the year! These amazing young people share their cultural heritage in a way to bless us all! 

FREE Event: Feb. 9th, 2020 at 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.  Nature's Treasures, 4103 N Interstate 35, Austin, TX 78722





NT Team
NT Team

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