2021 Crystal Reading: What Will 2021 Bring to You?

2021 Crystal Reading: What Will 2021 Bring to You?

2021 Crystal Reading: What Will 2021 Bring to You?

Now that 2020 is thankfully in the rearview mirror, what wonderful things are you going to create in 2021? Does this year hold an energetic pattern or trend that will guide your experiences? After consulting my crystal ball, I was guided to create this fun crystal divination game. It gives you an energetic forecast of the new year and insight into the inner workings of your soul. Here’s how to play:

Call in your higher self and move your consciousness into your heart. Take a few deep breaths, and then look at the image below. Which crystal are you most instinctively drawn to? Try not to analyze or think about it too much. Instead, allow in your higher guidance. Tune into your intuition and feel out which one is calling to you the most.

Once you have your number, look below the photo to access your mini crystal reading for 2021. If you are having a hard time choosing just one, try to narrow it down if you can. But go ahead and read the messages of any others you like, because they might also apply to you. Enjoy, and remember that you always have the power to make your life beautiful.


Choose a Crystal



1. Carnelian ET Skull: Making Positive Changes, Empowerment, Activation

2020 might have felt like a year of fog and inertia. With all of the restrictions and stress that 2020 imposed, perhaps you have felt stuck, unmotivated, overwhelmed, or energetically burned out. This oracle brings you good news! There is light at the end of the tunnel and a grand potential for breakthroughs and positive forward movement this year.

You are a bright and advanced soul, destined for greatness and spiritual achievement. Before coming to Earth, you chose the path of spiritual transformation. This means that you chose to experience certain lessons so that you could overcome them and refine yourself in the process. In doing so, you are transmuting patterns for the collective and raising the vibration of the planet. It also qualifies you to help others who are moving through similar challenges. Your challenges are not evidence of brokenness in your soul--they are actually gifts from your soul to show you how strong and powerful you truly are!

2020 had a way of highlighting issues and unhealed areas in bright neon yellow, as the increase in planetary energy brought what was hidden to the surface. Perhaps your lessons have manifested as a physical health issue, an addiction, or a financial struggle. Maybe relationship or family issues have been coming up, or perhaps you have been dealing with grief, depression, loneliness, or anxiety. If you have been feeling stuck in any major area of your life, 2021 will support you in turning the corner.

Your soul loves you so much that it simply will not allow you to stay stuck in patterns or situations that keep you down any longer. Prepare to be blasted with the life force energy, clarity, motivation, and focus you need to surmount anything in your life that is less than joyful. Deep down, you probably already have an idea of what you need to do to improve your life. Your higher self has been giving you messages for a while, and this year they will get even louder and clearer. Flashes of insight and brilliant solutions will come in to fast-track your progress. You will be supported in transmuting resistance and self-doubt, so that you can take action and make things happen.

It is the perfect year to work on self-improvement and to make positive lifestyle changes. Even if you have had difficulty in the past with adopting a new exercise routine, refining your diet, or letting go of a bad habit, know that this is the year where you are poised to gain traction. Life will present you with every resource that you need, and most importantly, you will discover your own inner resources.

Choosing this crystal indicates that the positive aspects of the fire element will be working for you this year. An activating, alchemizing energy is available for you now, and you get to choose how to focus it. Expect your passion to ignite and light the way to more meaningful and fun projects, relationships, and experiences. For those who are focusing on spiritual growth, you can use this energy to more fully activate your chakras, your light body, and dormant aspects of your energetic anatomy--leading to a greater awakening of your psychic senses and spiritual gifts.

 This year, light will shine into the unknown and unusual aspects of your soul and this reality. What’s the deal with portals, pyramids, UFOs, Atlantis, inner-Earth, cryptids, fairies--and do you have a connection with these and other mysteries? Follow your curiosity and see what you can discover through research, meditation, and other metaphysical practices. Since you were drawn to this ET skull, it is quite likely that you will tap into your star origins and fascinating galactic aspects of your soul. Spending time in meditation might trigger conscious recall of lifetimes spent in other star systems--such as Arcturus, the Pleiades, Sirius, or Lyra. It is also possible to activate abilities you had in these lifetimes. You have the potential to bring through knowledge, blueprints, and light codes from these star places for the benefit of humanity and Earth. The sky is the limit!



2. Azurite: Seeing Through Illusions and Distortions, Sharing Clear Visions, Aligning with Truth and Integrity

In these polarized times, it can feel as though people are living in two (or more) different realities. Never before have we had access to so much information. But with so many talking heads saying conflicting things through different media, it can be confusing to distinguish between what is true and factual and what is fake news. Even in the metaphysical community, some teachers are in their integrity and bringing through higher truth with accuracy, while others are sharing distorted information coming through a lens of ego--whether they realize it or not. In order to meet the current challenges, getting to the truth has never been more important.

During this confusing time, your unique gifts and clear visions are very much needed! You are an old soul who is a bright and curious spiritual seeker. You have had lifetimes in which you chose a visionary path, holding the titles of shaman, mystic, healer, high priest or priestess, or oracle. You belonged to one or more of the great mystery schools and secret societies, where you studied and had access to the greatest esoteric knowledge available. These lifetimes give you a foundation to step outside of the matrix and to view things from a higher and clearer perspective.

Honest introspection over many years has made you very self-aware, and you have done a lot of inner work to clear old patterns and to heal yourself. Keen observation skills and a willingness to have a variety of life experiences has helped you to really understand the human condition. You know how to look beyond the surface, to decipher subtle undercurrents and see the intricate patterns that influence people, situations, and behaviors. You have an amazing ability to see your way through complex situations, because you have developed a keen sense of discernment, a strong intellect, and accurate intuitive abilities. You have a well-developed internal lie detector and can read between the lines with ease. Trusting yourself is key!

Your gifts of perception and deeper insight will be especially useful this year in helping yourself and others to see through layers of distortion, illusion, and misinformation. And most importantly, you can help to illuminate how there is a bigger spiritual plan in the works. Part of your mission is to be an agent of change and a guide–to help create a map that leads to us back to wholeness and higher dimensional living.

You will have an opportunity to share your unique worldview and inspired visions with a wider audience in 2021. Your contributions could take many forms, such as writing, visual art, psychic readings, counseling, music, videos, or teaching. The key to your success is to allow your inspirations to flow from a higher aspect of yourself. Make time to sit in meditation and ask for clarity regarding the highest messages you can share and how to most brilliantly get them across in your offerings. Your higher self is connected to an infinite source of creativity and genius, so allow yourself to become a Divine channel who can access it and bring through masterpieces of truth.

If you feel like you aren’t quite ready, take some time to do more inner work. We are all being asked to refine ourselves and to walk our talk; and doing so will make you a more receptive conduit and a clearer messenger. Go within and ask to be shown where you are out of alignment and if you are deceiving yourself in any way. Are you staying in relationships, jobs, and roles that you know deep down are not right for you? Are you being honest with yourself about your feelings, desires, and life circumstances? Do you have any hidden shadow content that needs to be acknowledged, healed, and integrated? Do you have any internal biases that are clouding your ability to see things as they really are? Make any necessary course corrections early in 2021 to bring yourself into greater integrity. This will result in a huge expansion of your spiritual gifts and level of understanding this year. And from this space, you can guide others to a greater state of clarity.


3. Lepidolite: Honoring Your Sensitivity, Self-Care, Creating Well-Being

You have a heart of gold and the touch of an angel! The pattern of your soul is like a pristine and celestial mandala that radiates unconditional love and compassion. Choosing this crystal indicates that you are a highly intuitive and sensitive person who might identify as an empath. One of your dominant metaphysical abilities is to sense the world through your heart, which allows you to easily feel into people and places. You are the first to notice if the vibe is off in a room, or if somebody is not feeling alright on any level. Because of your deeply caring nature, you are inspired to clear and uplift any discordance in the people and places you encounter.

This heightened level of sensitivity is a soul gift, although it might not always feel that way. 2020 could have been difficult for you, especially if you don’t have good self-care practices in place. Empaths have a tendency to absorb the energy, pain, and emotions of people around them, and the events of 2020 created a lot of negativity in the masses. Many empaths are naturally drawn to helping professions in fields such as medicine, holistic healing, teaching, caregiving, social work, or counseling--and many interact directly with the public in other ways. If you have been on the frontlines in any capacity, you might be feeling drained, overloaded, and burned out. Even if you have been able to stay home and limit your interaction with others, you were likely still quite affected by world events, the news, social media, energy in your community, and the emotions of your loved ones. People in your life are naturally drawn to you when they need help, and this might have led to many people pulling on your energy in 2020.

You are so beloved and important! As an empath, you are a natural helper and a healer who has embraced this role in different ways through many lifetimes. There is no calling that is higher than helping people to become more peaceful, loving, healed, and whole. The nature of this reality is holographic. When just one person moves into a higher state of well-being, it touches and benefits us all. It is likely that you have already helped so many people to heal issues and to raise their vibration and consciousness by simply being present and sharing your love, care, and spiritual gifts.

This year, however, it is time for you to turn that big heart of yours inward--to heal yourself and to prioritize your well-being first. This might feel very foreign to you, as your natural tendency is to put your needs on the back-burner as you attend to everyone else. But it is essential if you are to carry on in the current energetic climate without burning out or putting your health at risk.

Realize that, as an empath, you are not like everyone else. You have unique needs. You might need extra rest and downtime, because you feel so much, take in so much, and give so much. And that’s OK! Learn how to schedule plenty of breaks into your life and don’t feel guilty about it for one second. There will be times when you are called to be very present with people who are hurting. Therefore, you also need to have practices in place to protect your own energy field and to clear any lower energy and emotions you might pick up. You were drawn to Lepidolite for a reason. It filters out unwanted energy you have been exposed to, while helping you to stay calm and emotionally balanced. It is a good one to wear as jewelry or carry in your pockets.

 In 2021, it’s time to get really good at setting boundaries and saying no to obligations, situations, and people who would drain you or negatively affect you. You have a big heart, so this might not be easy. But remember that you are not responsible for rescuing others and fixing everyone else’s problems. In fact, by doing so you might be taking away their lessons and opportunities for growth. It’s OK to politely say no and to leave it at that. Put the focus on yourself right now and for as long as necessary into the new year. Show yourself the same level of love and care that you give to everyone else. As an Earth angel, you absolutely deserve it.

4. Snowball Euphoralite: Spiritual Breakthrough, a New Reality, Being a Human Crystal

Congratulations! You have successfully raised your vibration and light quotient, moving up to a new level on the ascension spiral. You might have recently faced a core life lesson and nailed it. Or perhaps you have been steadily raising your consciousness and energy over time through your spiritual practice, heart expansion, and lifestyle. Maybe your process has been a bit wavy and nonlinear. Whatever the case, your efforts have paid off.

You now find yourself in brand new territory, with the ability to access a new range of dimensions, frequencies, and possibilities. The world around you might look essentially the same, but a part of you can feel that you are in a different space and that something has changed. When you slow down and move into your heart, perhaps you feel new energy--like electric sparkles moving through you and lighting up feelings of joy. The quality of the air seems sweeter and colors are a touch more vibrant--like there’s an extra shine and freshness wherever you focus. It might be subtle, requiring you to move into a calm and centered space to even notice it. Or maybe it feels really big, like your whole perception of reality has shifted.

What exactly happened? Due to your soul’s blueprint and the alchemizing energy of 2020, you have allowed some density, past wounding, and lower patterns to come up so that you could process and clear them from your system. It might have felt rough and confusing when you were in it, as old content was surfacing in a new way to be revisited. Yet, you let it move through, blessing it and healing it with a higher level of love, consciousness, and understanding than in the past. You might still feel echoes of the past issues, but you have done more than you possibly realize in terms of healing and releasing them--enough to have shifted your vibration.

You have been able to drop some of your defenses and armor, enabling you to move into a space of greater grace, gentleness, love, and wisdom. You removed some dissonance and made room inside of yourself for more light to enter and anchor. As it did, dormant aspects of your bio-energetic system began to awaken. You are undergoing an expansion of your energetic circuitry and light body. You are creating a more coherent and crystalline energy field, which allows more of your soul essence to come in and integrate. Though this is an ongoing process, you made it to the next level.

Any time we go through these light-level transitions, there can be a period of disorientation and adjustment. Just like when a baby is born into this world, it takes her a while to learn how to operate her new body and to get a grasp on her new reality. You might be in this phase right now. So, don’t worry if you have been feeling a bit lost or disconnected, as if you are in a void or a liminal, in-between space. It could be a symptom of your old reality and ways of being fading away so that you can step into a whole new role. This is definitely a time of new beginnings, discovery, and expansion. Be open to new ideas and inspiration, and don’t hesitate to make any changes in your life, big or small, that feel good and exciting. You are being guided.

Set aside periods of time during the first half of 2021 to be in your own energy, even if it’s only on weekends or for a few hours here and there as your schedule allows. Take time to disconnect from daily responsibilities and remove 3D distractions. If possible, go be in nature or seek out the highest vibrational environment you can access. This will be important, because you are in the process of becoming attuned to new light templates, dimensional frequencies, and levels of yourself. Your masterful soul has so much it wants to give you now, so make time and space to receive and integrate it. You are making a quantum leap and entering a new reality paradigm. Sometimes you must disconnect from the matrix in order to perceive and reinterpret things in a newer, truer, radically different and higher way.

This shift is happening for you now, because you have an important role to play here. You are a higher dimensional bridge, here to help anchor in a brand-new Earth reality. We are in the midst of a grand upshift and dismantling process on both personal and planetary levels. The old systems and schools of thought that aren’t aligned with the highest good are crumbling away to make room for a lighter, love-based reality. You are here to help bring about a renaissance for humanity.

How do you do this? Stay in your heart and in your highest alignment, keep your channel clear, and follow your guidance. Through the process of upgrading your bio-energetic system, you have expanded your dimensional receptivity to allow access to a higher spectrum of light codes, divine and cosmic templates, healing frequencies, information and love. You serve as a human crystal who can safely absorb, integrate, and organize this energy. Then you make it available to others and to the planet. You radiate the perfect energies and messages that are required in any given moment, place, or situation in which you find yourself. All you really have to do is be you and be fully present. Welcome to the new level!


  • That was perfect!!! It is everything I’m feeling and everything going on in my world right now. Thank you for the confirmation…

    Heather on

  • I “feel what you had to say” about my choice and 2021. Thank you <3

    Diana on

  • You nailed it. I am all those things you wrote about. I am amazed at the accuracy of what you said about me, my feelings , my attitudes and my work. Amazing information.

    Marcia Ann Chalkwater on

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