By the Light of the Moon -- Astrology for Crystal Lovers

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By the Light of the Moon -- Astrology for Crystal Lovers

May comes chock-full with pleasure and passion, as both of our moons will be lit up in beautiful and intense zodiac signs. The New Moon in Taurus on the 4th persuades us to bring in abundance through consistent effort, whereas the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18th demands we indulge in our passions. Like the yin and the yang, this New Moon helps us to ground our energy, while the Full Moon demands we get what we want no matter the cost. Dance with the Moon this month and find out how your life will be whispering news according to your zodiac sign.



Money is on your mind after the New Moon on the 4th, Aries, and you’ll be wondering how you can bring in even more of it. You’re ambitious and a hard worker, so consider if you can ask for a raise or increase your rates in these coming days. On the 18th, though, you’ll be seeing a big culmination in relation to an important tax, debt, or financial matter. You’ll also be feeling especially intimate at this time, so look at how you can embrace this flow.



Birthday season is in full swing, Taurus, so step right on into the spotlight! You’re a beacon of light at this time so in the ten days following May 4th, get ready to make your dreams come true. You have a rare advantage to create changes you want to last for an entire year, so what is nearest and dearest to your heart? Later, when the 18th hits, you’ll be faced with an important decision regarding a relationship. If it is healthy, find ways to grow closer. If it is toxic, shift the dynamic or let it go altogether.



You’ll be in the mood to kick your feet up and enjoy some relaxation and healing after the New Moon on the 4th. Trust that inner voice and take some time for you! If you’re noticing you need to do any shadow work or self-reflection, now is a good time. Later, when the 18th lights up in the sky, prepare to be on your work slay because a major project could be nearing completion. If looking to switch jobs, research your options and apply.



What a fun month is ahead for you, Cancer, as the New Moon on the 4th is making you the belle of the ball! You’ll be feeling like a social butterfly, so throw on your favorite outfit and circulate amongst friends. When the Full Moon on the 18th erupts, though, expect to feel your heart caught on fire! Your love sector is activated now, so plan an extra special romantic evening. Also, if feeling creative, embrace your artistic muse.



Your career is shining brightly after the New Moon on the 4th, Leo, so let us hear your roar. Consider important steps that can push you closer to your ambitions over the coming year. Time is of the essence! Yet, when the 18th calls, expect to spend a bit more time at home or cuddled up on the couch with someone special. Your family and home are in focus at this time, so consider how you can grow closer to those you love.



You’re looking to spread your wings this month, Virgo, with a New Moon in your sector of travel and knowledge opening up on the 4th. Make some plans to head somewhere you’ve never been or enroll in a course to grow your mind. The 18th is a Full Moon helping you increase your voice within the world, so utilize your communication skills now to see luck on your side.



Intimacy will be important starting on the 4th, with a New Moon asking you to focus on how you connect with other people. Are your relationships balanced and healthy? Later, you’ll likely see a check come in or an expense pop up around the 18th. Money will likely be coming and going at this time with the Full Moon highlighting your zone of income. Seize the time to bring more abundance into your life.



Your most important serious relationships are in focus starting the 4th, opening a door for you to grow closer and forge stronger bonds. Whether committing in business or love, you have a rare opportunity to find more fulfilling partnerships. When the Full Moon in your sign on the 18th thunders above us, you’ll see yourself in the spotlight and ready to command everything around you. Use this power to move the world around you like we are all players in your theatre called life.



Your health, employment, and day-to-day rituals are focusing your attention in the days following the 4th, Sagittarius. Are you happy with your status quo? How would you like to better shift your work-life balance? You can make important decisions about all of this at this time. However, when we near the 18th, you’ll be feeling the urge for solitude and privacy as you assess where you have been in the past year and where you want to go. What dreams do you want that still lie ahead?


Oh, Capricorn, your fantasies can become a reality if you open your heart after the 4th. This is the most sacred New Moon of the year for you when it comes to romance, love, pleasure, art, or creativity. Adventure is calling to you! Whether single or attached, take some time away from work to express yourself. This will enhance this energy in your life for an entire year, so don’t miss this window! Later, when we near the 18th, expect to be invited to an important event that not only will be fun, but will also likely help you rise in your industry. Be sure to have your business cards or Instagram ready!



It’s time to snuggle up at home, Aquarius, because your family and home life will be in the focus. Consider ways you can fix up your space so it better articulates “you.” Host a gathering after the 4th or find ways to get closer with your family. When the 18th splashes the Full Moon across the sky, though, get ready to see your career erupt! Seize this time to make an impact publicly that no one can miss.



Communication is in your favor after the 4th, so consider how you can use your voice or your writing to spread your name or brand. Marketing, advertising, and contracts can help you especially now, so use them to your advantage. On the 18th, you’ll be seeing yourself want to grow even more, so embrace travel, spirituality, or academics. Connecting with anyone or anything “exotic” and “different from you” will help you see the world through fresh eyes.



About the Author: Kyle Thomas is a globally published pop culture astrologer who resides in Los Angeles where he works as a professional astrologer and life coach.

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