By the Light of the Moon: June

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By the Light of the Moon: June


June is a fireworks show: spectacular, vibrant, and filled with adrenaline. The moon cycles this month will be in two zodiac signs that love spontaneity and a little bit of drama. The New Moon in Gemini on the 3rd will encourage us to communicate more authentically with the world, followed by Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius on the 17th that will be pulling us out of our comfort zones and onto new horizons. The cosmos and our individual lives will flood with curiosity, so open your arms to the unknown. Dance with the Moon while you closely listen to the messages your zodiac sign whispers to you throughout June.



The Universe is making your mind and voice quite powerful this month, Aries, so use the New Moon on the 3rd to improve the way you communicate with the world. Writing, learning, and negotiations are emphasized, including anything related to marketing or contracts. On a more personal note, using your wit while interacting with others this month will naturally cause them to come around to see things from your point of view. The 17th brings a feisty Full Moon that wants you to understand even more about the world by considering international travel, a spiritual journey, or continuing your education as an outlet for this energy. If you try new things in June, you may realize a new vision for yourself.



Your focus is on your income while the New Moon is in your money sector opening up on the 3rd of June. If you’ve wanted to increase your income, the time is now! Do everything you can to raise your rates or generate more long-term stability. You are such a hard worker, Taurus, and you deserve the security you want. In addition, the Full Moon on the 17th will have you focusing on yet another important form of security – partnerships. You may see yourself addressing a tax, debt, or financial matter around this time. The urge to merge will be especially echoing within your soul, so if you have a partner, use this time to work out any kinks in your relationship.



Happy Birthday, Gemini! You’re center-stage! With a powerful, Gemini New Moon on the 3rd, be sure to take steps toward all of your most important plans, ambitions, and hopes for the coming year. This is a cosmic reset that allows you to go after anything you desire, and now is the best time to go for it! By the 17th, you’ll be seeing an important partnership present itself to you. This may be in business or love. Ask yourself how can you be a better partner and how can this person grow even closer to you? If you are unhappy in this partnership, you will be able to shift things into a more joyful direction if you allow yourself to speak from the heart.



So much energy has been igniting you for a while now, Cancer, and the New Moon on the 3rd is telling you to hit the brakes and indulge in some much-needed relaxation. Things are going to be ramping up even more next month, so take a breather while you can! If you’re looking to heal or release any negative cycles, you’re in luck now. When the Full Moon lights up on the 17th of June in your work zone, be prepared to be finishing up important work or health-related projects at this time; you’ll likely make a great deal of progress.



It’s a festive season for you, Leo, with so much social energy electrifying your calendar after the New Moon on the 3rd. Socializing brings luck this month, so say yes to important events - especially if you're looking to expand a personal or business network. Any friendships you strengthen this month will bring you lasting happiness throughout the year. On the 17th, your heart is set ablaze by the Full Moon, bringing intense romance. Use this energy to plan something sweet with your significant other or ask your crush out on a date. Another way you can harness this energy is through creativity, so spend time with your muse this month.



It’s time to see your name in lights, Virgo! Your career is skyrocketing. The New Moon on the 3rd will assure you that you are making an impact on the world around you. Go after a star position now! The Full Moon on the 17th steals your focus for an important domestic matter, such as a big home project or family quality time. You have such a tender heart, so connect with your sacred space this month and personalize it to care for your emotional needs.



Travel, academics, media, and spirituality look promising for you after the New Moon on the 3rd, dear Libra. If you’ve wanted to engage within any of these areas, take steps now. You’re a smart one who can make things happen – so, start a new adventure! The 17th of June brings a shimmering Full Moon in your communication zone, so self-expression is important. If you want to be heard, use your words like a laser beam by speaking directly and honestly.



You’ll be feeling the urge to deepen a relationship this month, Scorpio. The 3rd of June brings a New Moon that encourages you to soul-search and uncover any darker or deeper imbalances that you’ve hidden in dark waters. By focusing on your shadow self, you can improve your health and sanity. By the time the Full Moon hits on the 17th, you may see an increase of income or money coming your way. You've earned it!



Important relationships in business, collaboration, or love are in your spotlight near the New Moon on the 3rd. You may forge new bonds or find ways to grow even closer with existing partnerships. If you are not “feeling it,” ask yourself why and communicate with those involved. Now is a good time to find the right balance, but first, you need to understand what the Universe is trying to mirror back to you. Later, your brightest moment of the year takes place during the Full Moon on the 17th. It is your time to step into the spotlight, so be sure finally plan and go on that dream vacation! Life will be naturally unfolding in your favor.



Your health, employment, and day-to-day rituals are on your mind with the New Moon on the 3rd. Now is a great time to make improvements to your schedule. By the Full Moon on the 17th, you'll be feeling drained and in need of a recharge. You’re so hard working most of the time, Capricorn, it’s okay to take some time to rest. Besides, you need to save your strength for all the greater things that lie ahead.



Romance, love, art, and creativity are here for you, Aquarius. Now is the time to step forward into the world and manifest your dreams! Like the painter of a brilliant masterpiece, you will begin the masterpiece you call your life. Commit to your dreams this month, for they will be blessed for success. The 17th of June brings the Full Moon and an important moment in your social life, so be sure to circulate and attend any special events. You’ll find yourself smitten with life this month.



Family matters or domestic situations will be in focus at this time. Use the days following up to the New Moon on the 3rd to fix up your sacred space or spend some time with kindred spirits. You’ll find that more happiness comes to you in the year ahead because of your current family. The 17th brings a Full Moon in your career sector which reveals your greatest achievement of the year. You are rapidly growing in your career. Savor this moment so it lasts forever.




Kyle Thomas is a professional astrologer and life coach known for his cosmic guidance from the stars. More info:

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