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Monthly Horoscope Astrology Forecast

October has arrived and we will still be feeling the effects of the New Moon in Libra from the end of September. You may find yourself drawn toward important unions. On October 13th, we will feel the fiery call of Aries with the Full Moon growling like a volcano ready to burst. Your personal needs will be important at this time. As we near the end of October, the 27th will help us make progress toward our innermost desires.

Find out how the month will affect you specifically!



Connection is highly important to you in October, Aries. Major partnerships in love and business are singing from the stars above. This could be a fated time to make long-term plans, get engaged, or get married - or even cross paths with a twin flame. Define what you want in a partner. Around October 13th, a Full Moon in your sign brings you a chance for a very important personal achievement. With your goals front and center, you can make your wishes known. Working with Manifestation Resin and Carnelian will boost your fearlessness to manifest these intentions. Towards the end of the month, you’ll again be considering your connections, but this time you'll be focusing on what you give and receive within your connections. Communicate from an emotional place. Rose Quartz would love to help you with this.

It’s time for work-work-work! You’re certainly known for your incredible stamina, so get ready to take on more projects and responsibility. If you have any important health goals you want to launch in the next year, this is also the best time to do it. You can become stronger, fitter, and more aligned. Tiger's Eye will keep you confident and grounded through this time. However, mid-month sees you wanting to take time to rest. You have made a lot of progress in the last six months - you deserve relaxation. Burn Lavender Incense or use RareEssence Peace Aromatherapy to help you relax. You also may have a very important project that you are working on behind-the-scenes that you’re preparing to launch. Focus on the details so you can build your empire. As we move toward the end of the month, you are feeling the desire to grow closer with someone else – perhaps in love or in business. If you are in a toxic relationship, you may actually decide to walk away. This is because better partners await you. But for the Tauruses that are happy together, expect that you could become official, move in or get engaged - some may even get married. Next month is a big one for your relationships because you’ll be doing a lot of evaluation and may cross paths with an ex, so know what you want and if you want to reopen that doorway. The stars will soon be aligned. Keep Lapis Lazuli near to help reveal your truth and speak it clearly.

Your creative and romantic engine is in overdrive at the beginning of October, Gemini! Cover yourself in Carnelian to bring extra creativity and luck! If you’re single, be sure to get out there and mingle. If taken, find ways to bring spontaneity, fun, and adventure into the zest of your love life. Mid-month will get you out and about with friends and in public. An important event could pop up that you must attend. Don’t forget to dress just right so you steal the show. Sparkle with these Chandelier Earrings and Chip Necklace. You may meet new people who become very valuable to your life. As we end the month, though, you are back on your grind either taking on new projects or pushing old ones to the next level. If you hustle now, you can get back to fun and games later. Lastly, if you are trying to improve your health, be sure to set your goals in practical increments so it naturally integrates into your routine. Blue Apatite can help with this integration.

You’re going to notice your home and family life stealing your attention at the beginning of October, but that is second nature to you, Cancer. You’re naturally sentimental, so this is a good time to fix up your space or return to a place that is nostalgic. If looking to improve your connection with these people, the door is creaking open, so reach out and pull them closer. The middle of October will have your career resounding through the Heavens, though, so you could be receiving some exciting recognition, a promotion, or an opportunity for exposure. Don’t stand in the shadows. Make sure everyone knows your name. Rose Quartz, Garnet, and Clear Quartz will be your best friends this month. As we near the ending weeks of October, your romantic and creative spark will be winkling like magic, so use this time to light a RareEssence Passion Essential Oil Candle. Plan a few romantic dates or adventurous moments with your lover. If you’re artistic, get ready for the inspiration to strike.

Your mind is firing off, Leo, which is perfect because it appears you have a lot to say, so grab a Throat Chakra crystal like Blue Lace Agate to help speak your thoughts clearly. During early October, also work with Clear Quartz and Tiger's Eye in order to clarify and amplify your intentions while you focus on how you can most effectively communicate and speak your mind. Contracts, negotiations, and legalities may also be on your radar. However, in mid-October, you are thinking about growing your mind even further, perhaps with academics, spirituality, or exotic adventures. Keep this Sunstone Angel with you for fearless and lucky exploration. Find ways to learn more about humanity at large and if you can travel, certainly do so. By the end of the month, you'll be very focused on your family and home life. Some of you may be moving or simply finding ways to freshen up your space. Your palace should always feel like a Kingdom to you, so make sure to cleanse your space with sage, Palo Santo Smudge Spray, or Refresh Room Spray!

Money matters are on your mind, Virgo, and that’s good because many of the planets in the beginning of the month are telling you to know your value and worth. Combine Carnelian Essential Oil with a Vintage Carnelian Essential Oil Bracelet to encourage confidence in your self-worth. Some Virgo may experience a raise or find a new job at this time. Your expenses also do look to be up a bit, so try to conserve your resources. Mid-October will have you thinking about what you owe others and what they owe you, and if you're looking for a loan, investment, or scholarship, you could see some news regarding this pop up. This would be the perfect time to burn a Money Draw Sage Stick. You’re also feeling very needy during this time and your sensual needs will be heightened. Don’t shy away from them, you deserve affection, too. Rose Quartz is always great at offering compassion. The final week of the month, though, has you focusing very intensely on writing, speaking, or communications-related projects. You could be launching a new campaign or attempting to rebrand yourself. This should work well in your favor. An important contract may also be on your mind. Chrysocolla is a must for blessing communication, keeping emotions balanced, and relieving stress.

Sound the alarm, you’re ready for birthday season, Libra! You are the main event – just how you like it! The first week is the most important time of the coming year to take important steps toward your hopes and dreams – so don’t just sit back on your laurels. Grab your favorite Aquamarine crystal and go after the abundance of life with confidence! However, an important Full Moon highlighting your relationships will be happening mid-month. This could be you making important plans with a business partner or tying the knot with a significant other. If you are unhappy, though, either you or they may walk away. If this is the case, it is meant to be that way. However, as we move along to the final days of the month, your mind is definitely on money and income matters. You could be spending some important cash or bringing in more of your own. Remember money is replaceable. Focus on what you want to do with it. Spray Meditation Essential Oil Room Spray and burn Lemon Balm Sage to think about how you'd like to start November.

At the start of October, you want to take a backseat. You either have important projects and plans going on behind-the-scenes that aren’t ready for the limelight or you could be noticing something you’ve hidden come out to be exposed. Hopefully, karma isn’t here to bite you, so be sure to take some time to rest and recharge at this time. A Selenite and Amethyst combination would do wonders for your relaxation. Near the middle of the month, though, you have a very important work or health-related project coming to your attention, so if you conserve your resources, you will likely knock it out of the ballpark. Yet, excitement and adrenaline are ready for you once Scorpio season arrives in the last third of the month. With birthday time here, you’re ready to step front and center toward your most important plans for the coming year. Strategically make the world bow to you. Befriend Citrine at this time for it brings joy, success, and empowerment.

Get ready to have a bit more fun at the start of October, fiery Sagittarius. This is a big time for events, friends, and social vibes! If you want to get closer with your besties, this is a fortunate time, or if you want to meet significant new contacts that may be able to help you in many ways, be sure to go to mixers with Jade since it promotes harmonious friendships. You could even be turning a BFF into a love interest if that’s been on your mind! However, your heart is sure to be set on fire mid-month with the Full Moon lighting your romantic and creative sector. Single Sagittarius could find a romantic affair that heats up your wild side, whereas taken Sagittarius could be sparking the zest back into their relationship. If you have been unhappy in love, you may end up walking away. However, as the month draws to a close, you’ll surely need some rest and relaxation. Listen to your body’s rhythms and place Amethyst bedside to aid restful sleep.

Your career is causing everyone to turn and look your way at the beginning of October, and this will make you ready to reach even higher. You will likely be in the limelight or have the possibility for some significant achievement or public recognition at this time, so be sure to grind hard and have a clear vision of what you want in the months and years to come. You could also be seeing some popularity or recognition coming from a partner, so if you like the idea of being a power couple, make sure the world knows your names. You have the will power; keep Onyx nearby to ground this confidence. However, mid-October has you focusing on an important family or home-related situation at this time. If you have been seeking to get closer with your kindred, now is a good time. Also, some Capricorn could be moving or fixing up their space, too. Yet, as the weeks of October draw to the end, you’ll be suddenly feeling your social life crank up. Important events could begin to appear and you may notice that you are craving more freedom and expansion at this time. You could become especially popular if you continue to load up your calendar, and if you have a special someone, you both could suddenly be “the most talked about on the town.” Yet, prepare for November because it’ll definitely showcase even more love potential for single Capricorn, and possibly even open a door to the one who got away. Spray some Love Attraction Room Mist to boost your chances.

October rings with excitement and adventure, so be sure to spread your wings and set sail toward it. The beginning weeks of the month are pushing you to take risks and get out of your comfort zone and learn more about life and the world. You could be working on an important publishing, media, or academic project at this time or even drawn to some sort of spirituality or meditation. Selenite and Meditation Incense will boost insights. Around October 13th, though, you’re focusing on how you can write and speak more effectively and maybe finishing up an important communications-related project that has been affecting you since last Spring. Grab a Throat Chakra crystal like Blue Lace Agate to help you communicate clearly. The end of October will get you roaring toward big career achievement. If you continue to hustle now, a promotion, new job, or significant goal could be within reach. Time is of the essence now.

Partnerships have certainly been on your mind in recent weeks, either in business, love, or collaboration. What you give and receive in relationships is a key theme at the beginning of the month. If they are balanced, they will improve. If they are not, you may walk away. This could also be a time where you’re asking for help from a bank, company, or individual, too. Work with Rose Quartz to bring in positive, harmonious bonds. By Mid-October, money is definitely on your mind and you could be seeing money come in or a significant expense having to be paid off. Use your funds responsibly and don’t take on any frivolous costs and burn some Money Draw Sage to bless your finances. The final days of the month will see your mind highly active, though, and you could be feeling the urge to expand your vision of the world, whether it be through travel, study, media, or working with people very different than you. Take chances. As they say: adventure doesn’t happen if you don’t first step outside your door.


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Kyle Thomas is a professional astrologer and life coach known for his cosmic guidance from the stars. More info: www.kylethomasastrology.com

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