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Eclipse season is here and with it comes a major focus on the foundation of our lives in order to make a powerful difference to the world around us. Right out of the gate, a mighty Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd will be offering up many new beginnings while the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th will be sure to announce culminations, harvests, and endings. Eclipses are always destined moments in time that affect us for years down the line. And to end the month, we have a jewel of a New Moon sparkling for us in the radiant zodiac sign of Leo dawning on the 31st. With so much packed into this month, it will surely be a turning point in all of our lives.




A door is going to blast open in your home and family sector starting on July 2nd this month, but it will also be churning up any necessary “dust” you need to face when you’re assessing your solid ground. Are you happy with where you are and the strength beneath your feet? Later, a pinnacle career moment will thunder like lightning near the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th. Consider how you can leave an even bigger impact on the world. Later, while the milestones are singing your praise, the month closes on a passionate and romantic note. This sparkling New Moon in your love and creativity zone on the 31st will see that your heart is set on fire. Unleash your inner magic! 


Your voice must be heard, Taurus, and the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd is telling you to speak up. Consider how you can communicate more authentically and you will see your opinions being valued. The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th is going to have you looking to expand your mind and learn more, so get in touch with anything that feels exotic and new. However, the month ends on a tender note with the New Moon on the 31st that will encourage you to focus to your family and domestic matters. Make sure that at the very end of the day, no matter what, you feel safe and secure. 


It’s time to increase your income, Gemini, so look for those dollar signs. You can bring more value to your life with your pursuits after July 2nd. Make sure that you know your worth. The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th will see you contemplating the balance in your partnerships and urging you to merge with other people. If you are unhappy, you may see some inner karma boil up that you need to resolve. Later, the New Moon on the 31st allows you to speak your mind even more than usual while it resides in your communications sector. You have a vision. Let the world hear. 


A powerful moment puts you in the spotlight during the Solar Eclipse in your sign on July 2nd, Cancer. What is most important to your heart? Set actions into place in these coming days towards your dreams because a life of abundance is on the horizon. A crucial decision related to partnerships will present itself near the time of the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, though. Ask yourself, is this partnership fulfilling? Do you want this partnership to grow closer? It is recommended to choose the most empowering option. Then, with a New Moon in your money sector shimmering on the 31st, this is the best time to pursue ways to bring more prosperity into your life.


You’re used to always being ready for the limelight, Leo, but the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd will be encouraging you to lie down and stretch out your paws! Relax. The Universe is here to teach you that you cannot own the throne unless you practice self-care. But the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th brings your life back into hyper-speed with an important work project or health matter coming to light. You’ll likely feel proud of your efforts. However, your most important moment of the year dawns when a New Moon falls in your sign on the 31st. What are your most important wishes for the coming birthday year? Focus, take action and turn those dreams into gold. 


You’re the belle of the ball this month, Virgo, with a mighty Solar Eclipse taking place in your social sector on July 2nd. Allow yourself to bask in your popularity and watch how your support network embraces you. The 16th will bring a massive moment to your heart, though, with a spotlight on romance, creativity, and fertility. Capture the muse, light some candles, and get in touch with the “sensual you.” And after such a busy month, you’ll want to rest and rejuvenate during the New Moon on the 31st. Trust what your body is telling you and practice self-care.


Your name is going to be in lights, Libra, with a mighty new beginning occurring in your career sector on July 2nd. How can you leave an even bigger impact on the world? You'll amaze yourself with your rapid progress. Then the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th marks an important shift in relation to domestic matters. Reach out to family or welcome those you love into your home - this will spark joy. Later, when the New Moon in your social sector on the 31st shines, you’ll be feeling ready to attend big events! Mark yourself “confirmed!” 


Wider and brighter horizons await, Scorpio, so use this time to do something exotic and challenging that encourages personal growth in the days following the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd. You’ll be considering not only how you can learn more about the world this month, but also how you can better communicate your ideas and vision more authentically. The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th will cause you to feel wittier, bolder, and ready to be heard. Then, a long-awaited opportunity in your career occurs with the New Moon trickling in on the 31st. Get ready for a highly prosperous August ahead! 


You’re eager to look at your relationships and the give-and-take balance within them during the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd. What do you need to feel more secure in your partnerships? The 16th  brings a Lunar Eclipse that will have you directing your attention to what brings your life worth. Money can add value to your pocketbook, but are you spending it wisely? Assess your cash flow for ways to increase prosperity. Later, when the New Moon on the 31st arrives, you’ll be eager to see new horizons. You never like to be boxed in, Sagittarius, and your urge for variety and spontaneity will be especially potent. See what fun you can introduce into your life! 


A huge turning point will be taking place in your relationships this month, Capricorn, with your partnerships being highlighted by the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd. Consider how you can grow closer to your special person or negotiate an important contract. Later, with the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, your deepest wishes and desires will be coming to light. You’re going to be shining like a beacon, so don’t be afraid to step in front of the crowd. Then with the New Moon on the 31st, you’ll be focusing on your inner world and if you are being fulfilled in the many areas of your life. Look in the mirror and dust off any of the things you haven’t wanted to face. You’ll be lighter because of it. 


Work is going to be ramping up intensely after the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd – possibly even the urge to move in a new direction in your career. Fitness could also be on your mind. When the 16th comes onto your radar, the Lunar Eclipse will be forcing you to pull back from all of those day-to-day responsibilities and relax. Self-care is important, Aquarius! This is a great time to reflect on how much personal growth you've made since the beginning of the year. When the New Moon on the 31st snuggles up to you, you’ll be facing an important decision in relation to a partnership or contract. Do you want to make your bond stronger or let it go?


Your creativity is exploding and your love life is seeing rainbows this month, Pisces, with this zone receiving a glamorous Solar Eclipse on July 2nd. Be sure to soak it up! Later, when the 16th arrives with a Lunar Eclipse in your social sector, you’ll be feeling extra fabulous. This brings an important culmination related to your friendships or an event that will be sweet like sugar. When the end of the month arrives with a New Moon on the 31st, be sure to get ready to put the pedal to the metal in your work life. Big projects await! Seize them!




Kyle Thomas is a professional astrologer and life coach known for his cosmic guidance from the stars. More info: www.kylethomasastrology.com

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