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At the end of July, we had a gorgeous New Moon in Leo. This energy will still be roaring into our lives the first week of the month. A mighty Full Moon in Aquarius reaches a crescendo on August 15th, bringing our attention to how we relate with other people. The month ends on a shining note again as a New Moon in Virgo on August 30th tells us to dig down into the details to build the life of our dreams.



It’s romance season, Aries, and your heart will be on fire. Use the first week of the month to create the love story of your dreams. Your creativity is also heightened now, so allow the muse to sing straight through you. The Full Moon on August 15th will have you ready to socialize and spread your wild oats. Go out and mingle and watch as a gorgeous time seems to sparkle just for you. The New Moon on the 30th  tells you to improve your work-life balance, so consider how you can make progress in this area of your life.


Your home life and family are on your mind in the beginning of August. Have a gathering at home or consider how you can turn your space into the sanctuary from Heaven. August 15th will have your career lighting up in massive and major ways, so watch as a long-held work dream has everyone around you cheering your name. Even more good news is in store for you Taurus, as romance will be in your eyes once the New Moon on August 30th dawns. Go out there to turn your love fantasy into real life flesh and bone. 


You’re extra chatty this month with a New Moon carrying over from your communications sector at the very start. How can you better articulate your vision to those around you? Watch as everyone is eager to hear your thoughts. August 15th will have you focused on expanding your mind and setting sail to new horizons, so consider how you can grow via learning or travel. Later, your home life is in focus at the end of the month. You may be looking to move or fixing up your space. You’re in luck now. 


Your income is about to increase, Cancer, with a shimmering New Moon opening the door to money at the beginning of August. Monetize and build your business! You’ll be noticing that you’re eager to merge with other people mid-month with a Full Moon in your intimacy sector gliding across the sky. If you have a special person, cuddle in closer. However, your mind will be especially agile when the New Moon in your communications sector smiles on August 30th. Speak your truth. 


You’re front-and-center at the start of August, just how you like it! Contemplate how you want to build your life in the coming year and then lay the actions forward. However, mid-month has an important choice regarding a relationship on your mind. You may be focusing on a business partner or lover and how you can shift the dynamic in your favor. Trust your intuition. Money will be attracted to your paws starting at the New Moon on August 30th. Find ways to bring value to your life. 


You’re so used to your grind that you sometimes forget to enjoy some much-needed rest and recovery! Use the beginning of August to recharge your batteries. Mid-month has you assessing that important work-life balance during a Full Moon in your employment and health sector happening on the 15th. Tidy up your projects neatly with a bow. It’ll be time to step into the spotlight again for the New Moon on the 30th when winds of change arrive. It’s a New Moon in your sign, Virgo, meaning you can take important steps toward your most desired goals at this time. Go for it! The Universe is saying yes! 


You’re especially social at the start of August, Libra, so respond “yes” to all of your invitations now. While you're out having a blast, you may meet some important people that are connected to amazing and unexpected opportunities. As mid-month arrives, your love life is going to be the big focus as the Full Moon in your romance sector claps like lightning on the 15th. Plan something extra special now or go out to meet someone new. When the New Moon in your privacy and healing sector arrives on the 30th, listen to your body for when it’s time to take a break from the hustle and bustle. September will be especially fun, so relax while you can.


Your career is sending extra attention your way, Scorpio, because it appears you’ve been working quite hard on something dear to you. Keep that grind going in the first week because it’ll likely bring you much praise in 2020. However, on August 15th you’ll be drawn to a domestic or family matter that becomes your sole focus and deserves proper attention. The New Moon on the 30th, though, brings you lots of fun and social energy because your friendship sector will open up. Go out to meet new friends or mingle with some of your favorites. 


You’re especially adventurous now, Sagittarius, and you’re going to want to try out something exotic and fresh at the beginning of August. Find ways to stimulate your mind and spirit that will bring even more fascination into your reach! Later, your words will carry extra weight with the Full Moon on the 15th. You may be launching a campaign or focusing on an important communications-related project. It should go well! By the end of August, your career is causing everyone to turn in your favor starting with the New Moon in this zone on the 30th. Consider how you can climb to bigger heights. 


You’re going to be feeling the urge to merge with the New Moon spilling throughout the first week of August. You’ve been having a lot of attention come to your partnerships and this will continue, Capricorn. However, your finances will be on your mind around the 15th and you may be paying a large bill or receiving an important check. Later, when the New Moon on the 30th opens up, you’ll be feeling the passionate side within you light up. Go after new horizons – they’re here just for you! 


Partnership is very important to you at this time. You may be wishing to adjust a crucial business or love relationship. Communicate from your heart and watch how everything can grow and flourish. You’ll be stepping into the limelight mid-month with a powerful Full Moon in your sign rocking the Heavens on the 15th. How far have you come this year? How do you want to shift things in the coming six months? Make adjustments. August ends on the 30th with a New Moon in your intimacy sector. Pull those who you love closely and celebrate your union. 


It’s time to buckle down and make progress in your work life. Jump on it and watch how your success grows. Mid-month will have you a bit burnt out though, so take a moment to rest up and heal anything you need to release. Partnerships and union will be on your mind at the very end of the month. Build a closer connection with someone of importance or it may be time to walk away to better beginnings. Listen to your heart.




Kyle Thomas is a professional astrologer and life coach known for his cosmic guidance from the stars. More info: www.kylethomasastrology.com

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