April Horoscopes - Astrology for Crystal Lovers

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April Horoscopes - Astrology for Crystal Lovers

Leap into April with Aries season, here to encourage our bravest of hearts! Aries energy is the initiating force, the idea that wants to move a mountain, the catalyst that sparks the first step of a big change. We have a mighty New Moon in Aries on the 4th, opening a door to make bold moves forward. Then, as an echo to the Full Moon in Libra last month, we have another Full Moon in Libra on the 19th. This is yet again putting a focus on important partnerships and the way that we relate to people - pay close attention to the "mirror" looking back at us through another's eyes. And to satisfy our crystal love, cuddle up with April's crystal the diamond for an extra love boost in this relationship-focused month, as well as to add a pure, fresh energy to the upcoming new cycle.  Dance with the Moon this month and find out how your life will be whispering news according to your zodiac sign.



It’s birthday season, Aries, and with a stunning New Moon in your sign on the 5th, you’re going to be ready to start a whole new cycle. Consider some of your most important plans and endeavors and weave actions to create the life that you want. Later, though, on the 19th, you will be seeing your focus shifting to how you relate to other people. With an important relationship demanding your gaze, consider how strong your partnerships are.



You’ve been racing along in recent months but it’s time to hit the brakes and take some time for some much needed relaxation. You may be drawn to meditation or the spa after the New Moon on the 5th, and if you are needing to spend some time healing in any way – physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally – follow the urge. Yet, the pace speeds up once again around the Full Moon near the 19th where you will need to grind to finish an important project. You’ve been seeing great progress in recent months and the work is about to pay off.



Your social life is packing a punch near the New Moon on the 5th. Expect to see some fun social engagements filling your calendar as you are extra popular in the coming weeks! You’re quite the social butterfly and can make quite a statement. Also, you will likely be considering your hopes and dreams and how you can build the life you’ve always wanted. Friends will likely be able to open some doors for you. Then, when the 19th arrives, you’ll be feeling yet again a big culmination in relation to romance, pleasure, creativity, or children. Open your heart and communicate from a place of gratitude.



You’re going to be in the career spotlight starting on the 5th, so make sure your polished resume is ready in the wings! Court attention and publicity at this time or get in front of VIPs if you can. You have a moment where you can skyrocket, so soar as far and as high as you can go! Later, when we get to the 19th, though, you’ll be in a domestic mood! Consider ways to move to a better place or fix up your home in an extra special way. Your heart will be feeling the happy homemaker vibes through and through.



What new horizons do you want to see, Leo? You may be ready to pack up your bags and travel far. However, this energy after the 5th can also be used to broaden your view through academics, spirituality, or investigating new cultures. Set your sights on anything exotic and new. When the Full Moon lights up the sky near the 19th, though, you’ll be feeling the urge to make your voice be heard. Consider ways to echo and be seen, which are never too difficult for you.



You’ll be noticing an edge when it comes to finances and important partnerships. Connecting with others can bring you luck, particularly when a door in this part of your life opens in the days following the 5th. However, your income is going to see a big focus on the 19th, with a Full Moon falling in your money sector. Consider ways to add income to your bank or if a big expense pops up, try to tackle it as quickly as you can.



An exciting opening in partnerships is coming on the 5th! You are always drawn to relationships, Libra, and you have a fated time to assess any important romantic or business commitment. Shift the dynamic and seek balance. Yet, you’ll see yourself front-and-center around the Full Moon on the 19th, which falls in your sign. You have more power now than you will for the rest of the year, so grab the spotlight while you can.



Work, work, work! It’s time to buckle down and make progress in all areas related to your employment, health, or fitness. Your day-to-day schedule will be in need of assessment after the 5th as things will likely be speeding up and obligations filling your calendar. Consider your work-life balance. Later, around the 19th, you’ll be feeling the need to hibernate and recharge. If you have any internal imbalances going on, you may notice that you feel a little drained and need to heal. Trust your inner voice.



Oh, Sagittarius, your love life is on fire! Starting on the 5th, you’re going to be feeling the urge to create your own perfect romance. Whether single or attached, you can increase the passion and pleasure in your life using this blessed moon cycle. Later, around the 19th, your social life will also be cooking up fireworks so be sure to circulate. You’ll likely meet connections who will bring more success and happiness into your sphere.



Your family, home, and internal desires and needs will be in focus when the New Moon sings starting on the 5th. Domesticity is favored now, and you may notice that you have to jump on some home-related matter. Consider ways to fix up your space or move to a new home altogether. When the Full Moon brings its culmination around the 19th, though, you will once again be seeing your name in lights! VIPs are definitely singing your praises, so go after your ambitions.



You’ll be seeking to spread some important message close to your heart in the days following the 5th, so consider how you can make your vision sing. You may have an edge in any contract, negotiation, or communication at this time, so trust your words and mind. When the Full Moon peaks on the 19th, you’ll be feeling the urge to step out of your comfort zone and see the world. Attempt to travel at this time or enroll in a class that can set your sky alight.



Are you satisfied with your income or would you like to make it grow? Prosperity is here for you, Pisces, so consider ways to amp up your finances. If you can ask for a raise, go after it, or if self-employed raise your rates. Use the happy New Moon on the 5th to your greatest advantage. Then, around the 19th, you’ll be focusing on investments, taxes, or how you partner deeply with other people. If there are imbalances, use this time to level the field.



About the Author: Kyle Thomas is a globally published pop culture astrologer who resides in Los Angeles where he works as a professional astrologer and life coach.

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